All beauty is in the garden

The sun is blessing our wedding anniversary.    
 There is plenty of mistletoe in the trees for Christmas. Maybe I will get kisses. Time to pucker up. I know Lulu is hopeful too. She had a new basket yesterday. The excitement was too much for her.   

36 thoughts on “All beauty is in the garden

  1. You can see where fashion and designers get their colour inspiration from when you look at your photographs, your little dog is adorable, I’d just want to brush her all the time πŸ™‚

  2. A happy post. The scale in image one, with the light through the trees is (in the real sense of the word) awesome, though you might acrobatic skills to collect the mistletoe. The house looks just as I’d want the house of my dreams to look and Lulu is adorable. Congratulations. We have daffodils in bud…

    • We walked through the woods down to the post office today Hilary. It is incredible what is in flower. I find it worrying. All my spring bulbs are coming up already. You might like the house but cleaning and maintenance are a nightmare.

  3. Another congratulation for the occasion, Andrew and Shirley. Many more. I think Lulu may have mistaken that pad for the wrong purpose, but any port in a storm, I guess. She looks adorable even on that.
    Nice view through the Acer palmatum (?) of the estate.

  4. Lulu needs a good talking to. Careful Andrew, she will dominate the household getting away with murder. To ignore the new basket is clearly a form of blackmail. Don’t feel guilty! Stay your ground.
    Love the coloured leaves. Soon snow- drops will pop up and days are getting longer.

  5. Stunning! The sheer beauty of nature πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing these and congratulations on your anniversary!

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