Porcupine! ̶ the early years

A potted history of Porcupine by the esteemed G T Reels, Lulu’s godfather. In which a resurrection is revealed.

Porcupine! - the blog

by G.T. Reels

The late 1980s and early 1990s was an exciting period for the study of ecology in Hong Kong, particularly at Hong Kong University. A core of ecologically-minded academics in the Zoology and Botany Departments (principally David Dudgeon, Brian Morton, Richard Corlett and Gray Williams) was supervising a fast-expanding body of postgraduate students, recruited locally and from overseas, and an informal ‘Ecology Research Group’ had been formed across the two departments.

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3 thoughts on “Porcupine! ̶ the early years

  1. I think all states, counties and townships need something akin to Porcupine. The loss of touch with nature and its working is a shame of modern society.
    Having read Marylin’s reply, I am wondering what I missed as I don’t see a connection, besides interest, of you and Porcupine. Have you been contributing essays?

  2. I’m glad no one laughed when it was nicknamed PORC, Andrew. 🙂
    I enjoyed reading the “evolution” of the work, the people involved—you, especially–and the importance of this work.
    Much of it was far beyond my experience and study, but it reminded me of my cousin’s work for his medical research dissertation (he created an acrylic “wall” in the side of a living cow–and kept it alive and thriving–so he could study and evaluate the effects of changing food sources, etc. on the digestive system. This was in the early 70s, he was a brilliant and visionary Missouri farm boy, and his work opened amazing areas of study at several outstanding universities and research facilities. He, too, had an staggering process involving many researchers and other graduate students. I didn’t understand much of it, either, but I appreciate how the intricate trials and errors and numerous people’s efforts and inputs, mistakes and successes.

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