If you go down to the woods today

Well I saw no teddy bears but I did find a couple of other things of interest.

The most interesting thing was jelly. Some lumps of opaque jelly on rotting wood. Some of the jelly globules had black dots in them and immediately I thought of frog spawn. But in January? On rotting wood? So I posted the photo on Facebook and quickly received the reply ‘regurgitated frogspawn’. Then another more specific reply, most likely Exidia thuretiana but if you can see any white crystals inside them it makes them Myxarium nucleatum. And then again Looks like some very old Bird’s Nest Fungus in the bottom right too! (The specific IDs came from Richard Shotbolt).

My curiosity led me to crop the image and look at the Bird’s Nest Fungus more closely. Then I noticed the black dots in the jelly looked like tiny bugs. So I am seeking advice again. What do you think? What have I photographed here?untitled-9untitled-7I also photographed a Lesser Celandine – very early indeed. And this beautiful lichen, which may be Graphis scripta.Crustose lichen

Other efforts produced less than satisfactory results but at least I enjoyed the sunshine. And no rockets launched last night. Three days to go until we head off to Vienna. Chores tomorrow. A trip to Heathrow on Thursday and taking Lulu to her hotel on Friday. So passes the week. And only Goldcrest and Sparrowhawk added to the garden list today. This is getting serious.

26 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today

  1. I suppose this is surely already been considered, but couldn’t the specks just be bits of rotted bark? Or possibly tree frog or toad spawn. Again, probably too cold for that. Or there are some whitish jelly fungi but I don’t think they are translucent. When I was a kid, I used to find a jelly-like substance on cherry trees in the woods.

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