A Winter’s Tale

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Moths etc.

A flurry of garden activity. The squirrels are playing kiss-chase or possibly get off my patch. I also spotted a squirrel collecting leaves, presumably for his drey. I am indebted to the squirrels for not gnawing through the cables that connect my moth trap to the mains. Very considerate. Although they are considered vermin I do find them entertaining. An erstwhile colleague of mine had one inside the engine compartment of his car and they chewed his battery cables to shreds. I think I would issue an eviction order if they tried that with our cars.

A Robin was observed clearing a wall cavity. Could this be an early sign of nest building?

I have finally seen the Firecrest again. The very poor photo (usual excuses: uncooperative bird, poor light, high ISO etc. etc.) shows yellow feet. As a self-confessed Luddite I went through my books and could not see…

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2 thoughts on “A Winter’s Tale

    • I have seen the snow storms on the news Marylin. It looks horrendous. So far flooding has been a greater problem here but there is still time for snow. Even HK has had ice this weekend.

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