9 thoughts on “Extreme chiaroscuro

  1. I like it too. You seem so happy there~I’m glad. I think we all have a place that resonates with us. Will you sell your home in Britain, eventually?
    I could have sworn I had your blog in my “follows” but I see that I’ve been missing them. I’m sorry for that and have reclicked the appropriate button.

    • It’s very complex Melissa. I’m basically a country boy but I find I need more infrastructure as I get older. The house in Britain is a dream but reality is it is too much for us. We have put it up for sale at £1.75m but the market is bad now because of Brexit. When I am in HK I get the best of both worlds countryside on the doorstep but urban facilities around me. At the moment we are in a state of flux and I find it very challenging but I’m sure it will settle down. You have missed little on my blog as I have written very infrequently. We miss Lulu too but will see her in 10 days and soon after we will fly her to HK to our rental apartment.

      • It is so true that as we get older our needs change. Like you I am a country girl and yet I find myself looking for a little cottage in town. I’ve certainly enjoyed the posts from England~I got to live there vicariously 🙂

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