Manic Monday?

Every day it seems has to have a tag. Bloody Sunday. Black Monday. Ruby Tuesday. Wobbly Wednesday. Mrs. Thursday. And so on…….

Today then is Wind down Monday. Of course in a perfect world it would be Wednesday but alas we managed to unpack in 3 days and ruined the script.

It was on a Friday morning the removal men came to call, they delivered not just one box but brought them one and all. 297 to be precise. All present and correct. The only missing item was the dog. We put her into Dogotel to spare her and us the trauma of her raging against the intruders bearing boxes great and small.

The challenge was moving to a floor area roughly half what we had in England. Much of what he we have is still in plastic crates. We have fitted them together like the wooden puzzles we had as children, hoping that as and when we want something the pile won’t come crashing down when we pull out the crate near the bottom.

The worrying aspect is the fact that we had already disposed of a vast amount of stuff. Yes, stuff is what we have. Piled high. Clothes maketh the man, said Erasmus (later borrowed by Polonius) although of course he said it in Latin. Well in that case we have enough to make an army. And possibly a navy and an air force too. If that is true then shoes clearly maketh the woman. Although I am reasonably sure that the First Sea Lord wouldn’t be seen in Manolo Blahnik, at least not in public. What he gets up to behind the doors of his cabin is his business.

And books. I somewhat misunderestimated, George Bush (43) style. So now they are piled everywhere and I wonder why I have so many. Why on earth do I have a small collection of cookery books? My forte is fresh Waitrose pasta. I don’t think Delia or Nigella would be very impressed. An entire shelf of P G Wodehouse is understandable. So are two floor-to-ceiling bookcases of miscellaneous tomes on birds, moths and photography. Another 2 shelves of New Naturalists. Stacks of business and investing books might be ok. Then there are Dickens and Hardy novels. So what am I to get rid of? Maybe the gardening section could go? I don’t think I shall need Monty Don again. I have already discarded Alan Titchmarsh. Not a moment too soon many would argue. I am unlikely to use the Butterflies of Hertfordshire again. So that would be at least 5 to go. Only another 3995 to go. Roughly.

On the bright side my study or man-cave is almost palatial. I have installed my espresso maker, 2 printers, 2 laptops and a dry cabinet to protect lenses against humidity. Why do I need two laptops? Because the world sees fit to stop me using DVDs from different regions on one laptop. You can actually change region five times and then it locks. So my newer MacBook is for HK DVDs and general work. The old one is the exclusive domain of UK DVDs, currently rerunning Kenneth Clark’s magnificent Civilisation series. I am thinking of sending a copy to the White House.

I remain challenged by how to set up the TVs, which are British bought and need something called a digital decoder. Search me, guv’nor. I have no idea. As there is absolutely nothing worth watching on HK TV this is no hardship for me but Mrs. Ha likes the Korean dramas they show. I think that is why she became addicted to Pointless in Britain. I watch little TV anyway. I prefer 1970s rugby when Wales won everything. I have barely progressed past Steptoe and Son and Ena, Minnie and Martha in the Snug.

At least we have reached a point where we can sit and look at the chaos rather than be overwhelmed by it. Later today we will bail Lulu out of Dogo-jail and she can chase the robot vacuum cleaner round the apartment.

The true sign of having settled in though is the arrival of our first moth. Mrs. Ha suspects this is her late father come to inspect her new home. Unless her father was called Cirrhochrista brizoalis I think this is unlikely. But you never know.

To be continued (maybe).

26 thoughts on “Manic Monday?

    • Ah. It was taken by Mrs H to celebrate my new glasses. She thinks I look more distinguished. Didn’t like the gold rimmed ones I’ve worn for 20 years. So I just went with the flow and it’s the most recent one I have. A change is as good as a rest 😏

  1. Welcome back to HK!

    I think I might have run into you and Mrs. Ha about 2-3 weeks ago in a mall in the east end of the island. I wasn’t sure because I haven’t been checking your blog (or any) for a while and so didn’t realize you have moved back.

    I myself have been toying with the idea of moving back here because of family issues. The idea of purging and packing is very daunting.

    • If it was City Plaza it is quite possible. We have an apartment there although we don’t live there. The blog has been dormant for a long time but I have done a bit recently. Any move is intimidating but we planned well and it went as well as can be expected!

  2. I think that you and Mrs. Ha could be classed as world movers as in world travelers and, well that as well. I surely do not envy you and if I had to unload some of my books, I think I’d have a heart attack. I am quite attached to my books which includes a very special bird book sent to me by a very special person.

    Anyway I kind of think you two are more or less done with moving. But…

    I’ve lived in the same house since 1963 and as they say, feet first, shall be my next move out of here.

    • Parting with books is very tough but we have made a start. I still have thousands though. I am trying (not very hard) to give Shirley an easier time in the future when she has to clear out. I hope neither of us has an appointment with a box in the near future Yvonne. I did a very good climb today and the heart coped well.

  3. Oh yes, we started with Black Friday and moved on to Sell-your-soul Saturday and from there to Cyber-Monday. You are expected to help Amazon and other businesses make their entire year on these few days. There has been fighting in the store aisles and bumper cars in the parking lots. I’m happy to say that a lot of people are growing disenchanted with the whole mess and I hear young people are even anti-stuff! There is hope.
    I know that I probably have two more moves ahead of me~one to the dream house and the next to the box. When I read about your’s, I quail at the thought! What a relief to know that you’re new home has been blessed by a moth.

    • Well I haven’t bought a thing because Amazon charge an arm and a leg to ship to HK! Is the dream house move imminent. I still haven’t found mine. I thought the last one was close but it lacked a stunning view and a stream! I had heard the story of the moth before and I quite like it. I am hoping my mam and dad drop by soon! BTW your painting is hanging in the new apartment. I have 2 on one wall – yours and Mr. G’s. Right above the coffee machine so I see it constantly. 🙂

      • That is a huge compliment, Andrew. I am honored. And I am certainly keeping good company!
        No, I guess the dream house isn’t imminent in fact I really should let it go. A house with a view and a stream! That would be wonderful.
        I’m afraid I did buy a couple of books from Amazon~they are my drug dealer of choice. I found I needed another P. G. Wodehouse….

  4. Oh dear, Andrew. These are difficult times. Do you have charity shops in HK? We are now trying to fill two bags a day which I drive to father Riley’s shop. I am sure that as soon as I leave the premises of Father Riley, the whole army of elderly volunteering ladies go through it and rummage out what they would like to buy. (grab)
    Aladdin’s cave comes to mind.

    We are getting close to keeping enough for 5 more years. I sometimes think I am on my last tube of toothpaste. Same with the bottle shampoo.
    It’s the only way forward, Andrew.

    I think you will find Lulu has the answer. Dogs are very philosophical.

  5. After the move to GB, I’d expect you and Mrs. Ha to be rather professionals at this. We have accumulated far too much since moving here in ’85 and I could wake in the middle of a night’s mare thinking of packing it all up and moving elsewhere. Should I survive to the point we can no longer manage the house, I think my comment above would be the way to go. Lulu doesn’t know what she’s missing…to her benefit.

  6. Apparently it’s Cyber Monday here. Well, according to Amazon anyway. Hmm, Titchmarsh. Thought he was quite benign as a gardening presenter but went off him once he started writing/cashing in on racy novels and defecting to ITV.
    I like the idea of a spiritual moth visit. May he bode well for you all – Lulu included.

    • Cyber Monday? I had no idea. I don’t even know what it means. I remember Dr Who and the Cybermen. Have they finally arrived in Britain? Lulu is home and charging around exploring. Freshly groomed too.

  7. I’ve just done in the last two weeks what you are currently doing. The wonderful thing is: I got rid of EVERYTHING first – because I am in a new place with new interests and people – so I brought EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING! All the best for the rest of the process. Let’s face it – it’s tiring but brings its own excitement!

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