And there he was, gone

Over a year. It seems a lot longer. Where did 2018 go? Where is 2019 going? Well I agreed to help out at a hedge fund last Autumn. Two months. Part time. I’m still there. Full-ish time. And after the fall I suffered in early 2018 I finally had to admit that I couldn’t take the pain of hiking. So I stopped. No walking. Too much work. Result, no photos. Less reading. Lots of brain rattling and quite a bit of knee creaking.

Eventually I had the knee fixed. Sort of. I seem to have cured the original problem and now have some collateral damage. Slowly its mending though. I am gradually getting a day off here there despite the He said, Xi said game of tariff wars. And to celebrate the glimmer of respite I have taken on another board seat.

I have started walking again with my camera for company. Here’s a recent find. I asked him: why the long face? Sorry, old joke 😦


And of course the biggest and happiest drain on my free time is our granddaughter. 9 months old this week and the apple of her grandma’s eye. She spends 4 days a week with us whilst mum and dad are at work and sleeps over quite a lot. She is simply wonderful.

I’m still doing a little moth-ing and found this gem in broad daylight recently. Amplypterus panopus – the Mango Hawkmoth

Amplypterus panopus - the Mango Hawkmoth

I shall be off to Fraser’s Hill in Malaya soon for 4 nights intensive moth-ing.

Hong Kong is a mess. It really isn’t a good place to be. But with our family here we won’t leave. I have written couple of pieces on the situation but neither saw the light of day. Both are out of date. I just sneaked in as a ‘colonial’ and this feels like home.  So my camera and I will still walk the hills around the Peak and hope for peace.

I have not decided yet whether to blog more frequently. Too many commitments. However when I logged on the other day I realised I missed the camaraderie. So who knows. No promises to myself. Just a ‘maybe’. I’ve missed you all.

Rhabdoscelus lineaticollis

Rhabdoscelus lineaticollis


32 thoughts on “And there he was, gone

  1. Hello Andrew,

    It is always a worry when the airwaves go quiet, but thank you for the update and the photographs, you have not lost your touch !

    Sounds like you have had a bit of ‘a curate’s egg’ time but the good bits seem very good. Which reminds me of a favourite joke I heard this year (To follow).

    Please continue with your blogs, I have drifted back to media news and it is not a pretty place.

    We are entirely chemicals free in our small garden plot and we have a variety of wildlife albeit in small numbers.

    Your hawk moth reminds to report we discovered an Elephant Hawk Moth caterpiller feeding on the Rose Bay Willow Herb. What a magnificent beast. we decided to leave RBW along with other ‘so called’ weeds.Purple Loosetrife, Enchanter’s Nightshade, and many herbs.

    Welcome back to ‘the ether’ ….Oh and here is the bon mot:

    Is it true Charles Dickens worked on a couple of regional newspapers before he wrote A Tale of Two Citiies, It was the Bicester Times and it was The Worcester Times.

    A bientot !

    • Haha. That’s excellent Geoff. I shall ‘borrow’ that. Elephant Hawkmoth caterpillars started my mothing. I found them in my Bishops Stortford garden on….. RBW – it’s their larval foodplant. Lucky you. Do consider a moth trap. Endless hours of enjoyment and puzzlement. Addictive.

  2. Oh my goodness. Just when we had all given up on you, there you are again. It was definitely a wecome surprise.

    I hope we hear more from you, from time to time.

    The visions from your city, on the news, are not happy ones. How will this all end?

  3. Good to read your update, as I sit in the garden in suburban London, with the sun shining, the Sunday papers and England just possibly heading towards an unlikely Ashes victory at a Headingly.
    Hope your mobility continues to improve and great to see the photo’s.
    Retirement looms for me in December.

    • Well I was retired David but now I’m not so sure. I’ve been asked to consider another board but I’m not convinced. An Ashes win would be amazing. Hope the family is well.

  4. Glad to see you’re back and enjoying your granddaughter. 🥰. I didn’t know you were on Hong Kong. So much unrest there now. It’s sad to read about it. Love the photos and enjoy your mothing.


  5. I’ve missed you too! How GOOD it is to see your splendid photos of the creatures of Hong Kong once again. Thank goodness your knee is healing. I injured mine as well, so I well know how long and painful it is to get back to walking. I can’t believe how many commitments you have~no wonder 2018 disappeared.
    I hope for peace.

    • Terrible violence again tonight in HK but we have had an afternoon indoors playing with our granddaughter. She laughs and giggles non stop. Such a happy child and completely unaware of the challenges of the world. Long May it remain so. Thanks for the warm welcome back, Melissa.

  6. Ah, there you are. Have thought of you many times as I watch the news from HK. So glad to hear all is well in your world and congratulations on the granddaughter- how lovely! Not blogging much either – everyone seems to have gone to ground…maybe I’ll resume…life gets I. The way sometimes, doesn’t it?

  7. What a lovely surprise seeing your post! Hope we hear lots more from you, Mr H. It’s a relief to know that you’re all ok despite the messy situation in HK. Give your granddaughter a squeeze from me, 9 months! Where the heck did the time go?!

  8. It is so vey nice to read a new post all the way from Hong Kong. I have known that you have been around because once in a while I get a Like or a comment from you on my little FB posts and of course I see you Likes and comments on Steve’s FB page.

    It is always interesting to read what ever you write about but I am so sorry to know that you have a bum knee. Those injuries do seem to persist so I hope that soon your knee will be back fully functional.

    I enjoyed seeing the interesting insect photos and it is good to know that you are able to get out and photograph.

    You and Shirley and all of the family, please be careful and safe.

  9. Well, sir, this was a fine surprise. Not everything contained was nice, but the nice parts, oh so nice. 🙂
    Although we’ve “spoken” about your walking I am still going to say I am sorry you had to deal with that. Not being able to do your walkabouts must have been almost as painful as the actual knee. But it is good news that you are getting out albeit not as often as you might like.
    So after time visiting the orthopedist, you share an Orthopteran for your first image. How ironic. 🙂 That is probably the most awesome moth I have ever seen, although vicariously. What a nice find. And the weevil is a handsome chap.You may have been out of commission but you haven’t lost your touch.
    I, along with all the other commenters, hope you have the time to blog more often. But granddaughter comes first. ❤

    • Hi Steve. The break from walking was very frustrating and my weight went up quickly. Now I’m trying to lose it again. I will try to find the time to blog again but it’s hard to fit everything in. And today was heavy rain mostly from start to finish. So my walk was curtailed and the bugs stayed hidden. I do like a good weevil 🙂

      • I echo your frustration as you know. The difference was that I lost weight which, sadly, has returned. I suppose it is nice having so much activity in your life so it’s hard to squeeze in blogging. Sometimes I think I have too much time on my hands. Hope you are able.

  10. It’s good to see a post from you, Andrew! I certainly know the feeling of being too busy to motivate towards blogging, though. Take care of yourself, best wishes, and your audience will still be here.

  11. Andrew, it was delightful to hear from you again and to see your photos of fascinating critters. Sorry about the health bumps and glad to hear that they are as resolved as age will allow. I, too, have been giving my blog a long rest for similar reasons. Though no one is paying me for any intellectual effort, we have become since late 2018 grandparents twice and have a 10 month old London-based grandson and a 5 month old Chicago-based granddaughter. At this moment they are under one roof here (Devon). We spend many happy hours with our live-wire London baby and time is ever more precious.

    Hope to see more photos when you can fit them in. Hilary

    • How lovely to hear from you Hilary and warmest congratulations on the grandchildren. I never thought of myself as a grandpa type but I have settled onto the role with enormous enjoyment. I hope you update the blog occasionally especially if there is a new book in the offing. My pal Philip Cracknell has just published a book on The Battle for Hong Kong. Highly recommended if uncomfortable reading. If HK deteriorates much further we may have to seek refuge. As I write this we are being buzzed by a helicopter flying over Central. It isn’t looking good. Warmest wishes from the Far East.

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