Hong Kong on a good day

Despite all the trials we suffer at present the bulk of beautiful Hong Kong remains calm. Here are a couple of views from my morning walk and a selection of the butterflies I photographed. The first photo looks across to Lamma. Those are power station chimneys. In the second you are looking down towards Central and beyond. We live in one of the residential tower blocks in the foreground.

We expect more trouble this weekend as the protesters continue to focus on the airport. If you are planning to visit HK I advise caution.

8 thoughts on “Hong Kong on a good day

  1. Such a bustling city (apart from the troubles) would be an exciting novelty for me, but I think I could enjoy it only for about a week! Where I live I can see one house in the distance and it feels like an invasion of privacy!

    • I envy you the solitude at times, Bruce but as we age we worry about straying too far from medical help. My walking can give me some peace but its hard to find true solitude on the Island.

  2. We watch the troubles with some concern and wishing for a positive outcome. I’m not a long-distance traveller, so the chances of me seeing Pall Mall are becoming remote; Hong Kong is just the other side of Jupiter for me. Fabulous shots of butterflies as ever. Its been a vintage year for butterflies in England. A million Painted Lady butterflies breezed across the channel to add to the regulars. Often as many as 7 or 8 different species in the buddleia and spiraea at the same time. Found myself being used as a landing pad which I cannot remember ever happening before. Good wishes, Simon.

    • Thanks Simon. It is hard to see a way through this. I expect it will reduce over time but the damage to the community will be long lasting. The reputation of the police force has been shredded as they brutalise at random seemingly without regard to their mandate to protect the people. There is wrong on both sides but there were early opportunities to quell the trouble and the government chose to plough on. Very sad. I have only been to Britain once in 2 years. I came over for my godson’s funeral. He died aged 30 in his sleep. Tragic and none of us can really come to terms with it. Nature remains my refuge and I would love to have seen the Painted Lady invasion. I don’t blame you for staying close to home. Best wishes,Andrew

  3. Beautiful butterfly photos! On the TV news the other night they were interviewing an Australian couple who had a stopover in Hong Kong on the way to Europe. As the lady said, until an official travel warning is issued by our government, travel insurance won’t cover a change of plans. So they had no choice but to go there. They didn’t seem too bothered and had made sure they had plenty of time to get to the airport.

    • The airport is like a fortress this weekend. The violence is sporadic and unpredictable. I would not bring children to HK at present. Certain areas are largely unaffected but travel around on the MTR is very disrupted. The butterflies are a welcome distraction.

  4. I am relieved to hear that much of your city remains calm and safe for you to be out and about. Your shots of the city make it clear that it is indeed a beautiful city. I particularly like the black and white butterfly sticking out his yellow tongue. 🙂

  5. Not that what is happening should not be the big story out of Hong Kong, but it is good to hear about the less than troubled parts of the city and I am glad that you are still able to find places where nature becomes that big story.
    Based on what appears to be the Chinese government’s method of dealing with these things and not wanting to allow for future “uprisings” I would be worried about the future there. I had severe doubts that life could go on as it had and there would be some changes to the day to day living and long-term government of the city. I hope things smooth out and some rapprochement can be achieved but it doesn’t seem likely at this point.
    A couple of your finds look like some species I’ve seen in a local butterfly house.

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