Birds for Yvonne

I don’t do as much bird photography these days. I don’t like the standard since I gave up heavy tripods and long lenses. Everything is a compromise so I just do my best and accept the body is weak even if the spirit is willing. Nevertheless I promised Yvonne I would post some bird shots and here goes:

Starting with Dusky Thrush, taken locally last month.

Turdus eunomus - Dusky Thrush

Verditer Flycatcher, taken in Malaysia in October

Verditer Flycatcher - male

Dark-sided Flycatcher – actually not too bad because the bird was happy for me to approach to within a few metres

Dark-sided Flycatcher

Bull-headed Shrike, another local long stayer

Lanius bucephalus - Bull-headed Shrike

And last but not least Streaked Spiderhunter from my Malaysian (mothing) trip

Arachnothera magna

Oh go on then, one more – Sultan Tit. I struggled to see this species for ages but typically once I had seen one I found them everywhere!

Sultan Tit

Happy 2020, Yvonne.

22 thoughts on “Birds for Yvonne

  1. I wrote on Yvonne’s post (the first Yvonne 🙂 ) but I will thank you here also for your amazing photography. Birds are amazing creatures, and they teach us so much if we allow them to.

  2. Wait. What? Are you the Andrew who comments so regularly at Steve G’s blog? I found you through Yvonne’s reblogging, and suddenly everything clicked (so to speak). What glorious photos — I can’t wait to browse your archive. I see now that you’re in Steve’s blogroll — I just never had clicked through to see the various sites.

    Funny, how this blog world works. Best for the new year!

    • Guilty as charged! Welcome to All Downhill. I used to be regular but now less so – I think it’s the diet. Best wishes for 2020. Enjoy the archive.

  3. Thank you so very much, Andrew. These are wonderful and I might add I just can’t find fault with any of them The poses are perfect, the colors are magnificent, and every one of them look totally sharp. I really enjoyed these and intend to go back to look at them again- probably several times.

    I think the Sultan Tit is my favorite based on its expressive face, Not sure if it is appropriate to apply a human like term to a bird but none the less, I think it sort of has a look of surprise coupled with a tad of vexation.

    So which camera did you use for these shots since you wrote that you stopped carrying a tripod and some of your cameras?

    Even though I am awfully old now, I still want a new camera and I hope to be able to afford one- maybe next year. Something to keep me inspired maybe. Just have not figured our which one is a decent caliber at a price I can accept.

    Thank you again for these. Have you put these on FB? They really are excellent. If you put then on FB, I will share, if you have your posts set to SHARE. I just saw a reblog button on WP so I am now asking permission to reblog. Let me know if it is ok with you.

    • I am very happy that you like them Yvonne. As Steve rightly says I get a lot of ‘deletes’ for the odd good one. I used a Fuji XH1 camera with a 100-400mm zoom. It is a lot lighter than my old gear but not truly light. If you go too light the sensor quality decreases at high ISO. If you are blessed with good light that’s not a problem. Of course you may reblog this. 🙂

  4. Not a bad lot, Andrew. With the birds I imagine there are lots that end up in the byte bin so I think you are being hard on yourself…not that I am a bird photographer. And I am sure Yvonne will be delighted with your selection.

  5. I’m going to change my name to Yvonne and pretend these are for me~ every single one is an absolute jewel. Thank you, Andrew!

  6. This is the other Yvonne, saying that I appreciate your offerings, as I am sure the real Yvonne will!

    You would like birdwatching in Australia, I think.

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