Today is the start of the 2020 Lunar New Year Flower Fair in Victoria Park, HK. This year is not the usual mix of flowers, food, political novelty toys and celebratory new year symbols – it is the Rat this year. Anything remotely political has been banned by HK’s Spoilsport in Chief, Curried Lam. The beleaguered CE has cancelled our fireworks, attacked the fair and encouraged people to be good comrades instead. Nonetheless I went out with Mrs. Ha to buy our floral decorations there – a blossom tree for good luck, red berries, bright flowers and some pussy willow. The harbingers of spring. The vendors were not universally joyful at the new arrangements. Maybe next year we can go back to colour.

Lunar New Year Flower Fair - slow selling day 2020

A not very gruntled flower seller wondering why nobody is at the flower fair

The TVB folks did find one buyer to interview

TVB journalist Hailey Jo interviewing at the LNY flower fair

But before we left home we had our dose of good cheer as we were babysitting over night.

Miss Sunshine


17 thoughts on “Oddities

  1. When I got to Curried Lam I had to stop and make a brief detour. Once I had that figured out, I still had to get my mind around your pussy willows. They were such a part of my midwestern childhood it’s hard to imagine them growing anywhere else, but now I know they come in several varieties — and wonderful colors, like pink and rose-gold.

    Your granddaughter seems to have a bit of a twinkle in her eye.

    • Haha yes, pussy willows are died all sorts of exotic colours. I prefer them growing wild but they are traditional here it seems. Our granddaughter is very cheerful and playful. Full of energy and learning new mischief each day.

  2. Freedom is dear and it seems that no matter where one lives there will be less of it or so it seems. Love the black and while pics. They really are good. The grandbaby is quite a charmer and I can see how you and Mrs. Ha enjoy her so much.

    • Thanks Yvonne. Yes, she charms us and we spoil her. She has started at playgroup and is learning to throw paint all over her mum 😂. These are happy times for her. Total freedom. Not for us, alas.

  3. Oh my, she has grown! And, whales! Too exciting. I wonder if they were comradely or if they felt the chill in the air…

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