9 thoughts on “Miss Saigon

  1. I am never sure what Saigon is supposed to be called. I thought it was Ho Chi Minh City but as I understand it is still called Saigon. I remember reading about and seeing the war on TV back in the 60’s and 70″. It was a hopeless war and one the US should have never entered. It was nothing but one big hopeless mess. I have read the country is apparently doing quite well now as evidenced by tourism.

    The pic of the woman is quite interesting, She has a lot of stuff on her head to say the least. I can barely see one eye. I don’t know how you managed to get that shot.

    • I think the two names are pretty interchangeable Yvonne. Officially it is HCMC but many still refer to it as Saigon. There are still many reminders of the war.

      Names are odd. Bombay is now Mumbai but all my Indian friends still call it Bombay. Same with Madras and Chennai. Old traditions die hard.

      I took the photo of the woman from my waist to get a better perspective.

  2. Both photos are striking, and delight the eye: especially that single eye looking at you. Even though I usually prefer color to monochrome, the black and white street scene is perfect.

    Now, for a little fun with translation. I wondered what the signs in the second photo were advertising. First, I entered the phrase in Google Translate without the diacritical marks. In its wisdom, GT decided the language was Romanian, and it meant “Good laugh, good dog.” I was pretty sure that wasn’t right.

    Eventually I found ‘Bún riêu cahn bún’ used in some recipe/restaurant pages, and learned the signs actually are advertising two kinds of soup. If this page is right, you could get either crab noodle soup or water spinach noodle soup from that vendor. It sounds better than a McDonald’s.

    • You are way ahead of me with translation but we did work out that our lunch venue was something to do with heavenly peace. So far the food has been very good. Lunch cheap, dinner in the hotel v expensive but very agreeable. Tomorrow I will try to find a new language test for you 😀. And I shall do some more people watching.

  3. That is quite a look she is sporting. It breaks my heart to see the fear in her eye, though. Maybe I’ll cry, too.

    How was the celebration at the Club?

    • Oh the celebration was excellent thanks Melissa. The staff were all great with the baby and made sure she had a fun evening too.

      I am thinking of getting a similar hat. I think it may go down well in the office.

      • Yes, I was thinking I would quite like one as well. I’m sure at the office it would be very popular.

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