Bakheng sunrise

A 5am start for Bakheng to see the sun rise over Angkor Wat. A reasonable reward.

A beautiful morning. Sadly the temples are hugely overcrowded even with a dramatic drop in Chinese visitors because of the coronavirus. It was like conveyor belt tourism. Move. Stop. Here is where you take the picture. You have 20 seconds. Next. I gave up and left. Another reason why I loathe group tours. Bakheng isn’t (yet) commercialised and was very quiet. Except for us.

This is me flouncing out of Angkor Wat.

21 thoughts on “Bakheng sunrise

    • We had done virtually all the locations before and I was ambivalent about the trip. However we had the chance to travel with a small group of friends and that was enjoyable. I just don’t like being held to a rigid timetable when I am immersed in my photography.

  1. And, as a typical photographer who’d rather be behind the camera, you captured your “good side”. I assume you were contemplating your next wardrobe change.
    I like all three sunrise shots but the first is the better imo. Nice color and I like the proportions of the composition. 5 a.m. sounds about right. Probably avoided crowds…aside from your collection of fellow tourists. Not that I have traveled much, but a tour has little appeal. I guess it’s a good way to see a lot and then plan solo time for later.

  2. Each of the sunrise shots has its own wonderful beauty. I have to say I think you’re an amazing photographer to have taken such a great photo of yourself flouncing when I can’t even see a camera and you took it from so far behind. 🙂


  3. Love the word flounce and I have not used it in many years, having left it behind somewhere.

    I really like the black and white of the man in the long robe and head covering. Not sure if he is supposed to be a regular guy or a holy person. No matter, it is the way you captured the person and it leaves one wondering what he is up to with his hands folded behind his back.

  4. Very decent sessions with the camera, I’d say. I particularly like the first image. And, of course, the one of you flouncing out. You showed them! I loathe tours, too, and also early mornings, but that sunrise was worth it.

    • I think this might have been my last group tour! There is a limit to how much a man can flounce. And yes to number one! Two votes already.

      • When I was a teen my mother got the tour bug and I got dragged on quite a lot of them. Once I gained my independence I vowed, never again! But then, I didn’t know one could flounce.

  5. I laughed at your choice of ‘flounce.’ It’s such a perfect word, and not often enough used, even when it’s appropriate — whether in a 19th century British drawing room or an overcrowded tourist site. The photo of the man engaged in a rather restrained flounce is great. My favorite of the sunrise photos is the first, because of the combination of color and texture in the clouds.

    • Excellent taste. It is also my favourite. One photographer took a simply stunning shot – with her iPhone.

      Flounce is a lovely word full of motion and indignation. I’m quite adept at flouncing.

  6. Great pics, Andrew. You don’t seem to be entirely happy with the tour but you have got some interesting pictures of the locals and scenery which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

    • Very perceptive Robert. It all feels very rushed and there is a great deal of dead time that could be better filled. But a few decent sessions with the camera.

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