Painting by camera

It is not uncommon in photography to create your own frame. Here are two examples.

The first is a statue of a Buddhist figure set back in a niche at Angkor Wat. The top half was almost invisible in the dark but I have used the magic of Lightroom to solve that problem. The stone surround and the top of a fence formed a natural frame when I looked through the viewfinder.

Angkor Wat

This is the old ‘through the window’ trick. A little Lightroom trickery was used here too. I exposed for the distant steps and used software to lift the deep shadows and enhance the natural frame. The dynamic range of a modern sensor is remarkable.

Through the window

I’m back at work for a while and my evenings are spent reading an 800 page biography of Van Gogh. Until anon.

14 thoughts on “Painting by camera

  1. Somehow I missed this delightful post. It is indeed remarkable what you can achieve with the modern equipment, and your eye brings a very unique view.
    Are you enjoying the biography? I read an excellent one by Stone, I believe, several years ago now.

    • Well he was obsessed with dark pencil drawings for many years. He came to colour late in life. And used a perspective frame much of the time. I think he would have found Lightroom late and then thrown himself into it. He always worked at his figures at great speed so might have found editing software too fiddly.

  2. Nice frame filling with frame, Andrew. Your composition directs us right into the image. I understand something happens to his ear, but I don’t want to give it away with a careless comment cutting the suspense.

  3. You certainly know how to work Lightroom to an advantage. These are great examples of learning the techniques.

    The 800 page bio of Van Gogh should have you well versed about the one eared rebel. I have tried to like his paintings but just do not care for the style. I have looked at his paintings on the net and The Potato Eaters is interesting but gee the folks in the painting are just plain ugly. I know they are somewhat of a characterization but none the less…

  4. The second shot can be acheived to varying degrees by the HDR feature in many cameras, some phone cameras use it by default to increase dynamic range.

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