A dog not named Boo

Why is Boo suddenly so popular? There are far better dogs around – Murphy, Lulu, Fizz, Milo, Colin Snout and many others of impeccable credentials. Well I guess some dogs just do look cute but never judge a dog by its cuteness quotient. I was wasting 20 minutes waiting for Mrs. Ha to finish shopping this afternoon when I spotted this little thing.


SnoozeUndoubtedly a high scorer on the cute-scale but not much of a conversationalist. After 15 minutes trying to engage it in barkasation it resolutely refused to utter a sound. Snubbed I was.

Eventually Mrs. Ha finished her chores and we had a cup of tea and some afternoon toast at the Sai Kung greasy spoon. Then we walked along the sea front back towards the car park. At last I lit up. A Peregrine Falcon was cruising over the boats and looking all puffed up and regal, effortlessly slicing through the dull autumnal air. A second circuit and it landed on one of the apartment balconies above a restaurant. Imagine you were to go to the living room window and there, sitting on your balcony rail, was a PF. I’d like some of that. Can you take a photo? asked Mrs. Ha. I tried to explain the limitations of a 35mm lens. So there it sat and suddenly I wondered if I might introduce it to the arrogant Pom. That would make an interesting how-do-you-do? I don’t think a Peregrine would stoop to pavement level. A bit risky if the timing were wrong.

We saw a film once in which a dog was seized by an eagle and carried away. Sandra Bullock was in it (but she played neither dog nor eagle) and sadly the film was set in Alaska and the eagle was a Wedge-tailed, found only in Australia. Poor casting. But a Peregrine taking a Pom in Sai Kung. It would pack the cinemas. Providing it wasn’t Lulu getting carried away. I think I shall have to talk to Chow Yun-fat. Now he can’t work in the PRC any more he may need a little extra dosh. And no role for Boo. Boo Who?


Mrs. Ha and I are committed dog snappers. They always elicit an ahhhh! from us. Unless, like Milo they are trying to tear a chunk out of us. In Europe we found the dogs extremely well behaved and courteous. We saw none smoking. There was no sign of canine intoxication and very little bad language.

Here are some of our favourites caught on ‘film’. Many of these would have done credit to some of the Great Masterpieces hanging in the galleries and I hope perhaps a contemporary master artist will find a way to pay homage to the dogs we befriended. By the way, based on our behaviour, buskers with dogs have a vastly greater chance of getting a coin or two in the hat. I may have to take Lulu out and give it a try.

Candidate number one was really rather confused by our attention.Dog Stare Number two did not wake in all the time we were in Venice. Let sleeping dogs lie.Dog tired The silliest dog-hair style award goes to number three.Dogstyle A highly suspicious pooch. Well it was late at night. Me? You wanna photograph me? Why??Waiting dog Venice’s most laid back dog. On a vap’. Not muzzled and probably this one had been smoking something sweet. Its just kind of, well, far out man. Got any bhang you can share? Lying Dog And finally Salamanca’s guiltiest dog. Oh for heaven’s sake don’t tell the biped. Its just instinct you know. I didn’t mean it. Please don’t split on me.GuiltydogAnd late contributions from Mrs. Ha’s dog shots…. Busker and dog in SalamancaBuskerndogAnd the oldest dog in town making a fashion statement.AH on the Vap


The missing E

One of the family isn’t going to Venice tonight. She’s rather put out. She was sure she heard us talking about the Dog’s Palace. She thought she was getting an upgrade from the dog’s basket.

She’s one very disappointed Doge.