Photography – the pilgrim’s progress

Much of my blogging is about photography. I try not to get too technical but inevitably I stray into jargon occasionally.

My first camera was a Brownie Cresta 3. Today the cabinet is full of cameras but there are a few I use frequently:

My Canon 1Dx for birds
My Canon 5D3 for close ups
My Fujifilm XT-1 for travel
My Fujifilm X100s for street photography
My Leica M9 for street photography

This list reveals the genres I enjoy. It is an eclectic mix. I shoot digital but retain an old M3 for occasional film forays.

I have no formal training. I have done a couple of workshops but mostly I am self-taught. I would like to improve my processing. I use Lightroom (currently v5.5) and sometimes CS6. I also like the NIK (now Google) suite, especially Silver Efex Pro. SEP satisfies my love of monochrome.

Over the years I have gradually improved the technical side of my photography but only now do I find a growing restlessness that my images lack any artistic merit. Too much is derivative, generic and unoriginal. So I read, study and admire the work of others in an attempt to develop my creative eye. I have started to understand colour better. I am less willing now to snap for the sake of snapping.

My lenses run from the shoulder crushing Canon 800mm IS lens I use a lot for birds to the 10-24mm Fujifilm lens that adds a completely different option to my photography. I do less heavy lifting nowadays as I age and kit weight becomes a factor. The Fujifilm XT-1 is my most recent love affair. Light, powerful, exceptional image quality and sensibly priced, it is starting to relegate my Canon gear to the dry cabinet for longer periods of time.

I find photography therapeutic. Frustrating at times too but generally wandering alone or with maybe a single partner I enjoy searching out something new to write with light. I hope you find something of interest here.


One thought on “Photography – the pilgrim’s progress

  1. I haven’t had a real camera for 45 years and even then it wasn’t mine. I wiuld love it if you went back to my blog and searched “the photographer”

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