Yew’ll be fine

I walked in the wood behind the house this morning. No camera but my phone. I kept looking at the trees. Close up and gazing up to their fingertips. I looked at bark, roots, leaves, residents, hangers on….. anything the trees had on offer. 

In the middle stands a yew. The only one in the wood that I have found so far. A rubber tyre on a rope hangs nearby. A children’s haunt. A rope climbing frame too. In the wild.   It doesn’t look especially ancient but it’s a fine tree. I took a few other shots. Magical light today. I wonder what other walkers would think if they saw me crouched down, phone on the wet ground.       

Trees and me, we gotta thing going. 

The Recycler

This is the Lousy Watchman, the Dor Beetle, or Geotrupes stercorarius. A friendly chap whose job in life is recycling. Apparently it recycles animal droppings. Nothing wrong with that. The Victorians had Pure Collectors’. I have Geotrupes stercorarius. The Baldrick of Hampshire?Geotrupes stercorarius.jpgAlso in the frame this morning is what might be Evernia prunastri. I am not yet 100% sure.Evernia prunastri TBC

No flies on this. I did put yesterday’s lichen under the microscope and found hiding inside the smallest wood louse you ever did see. I have not told Mrs. Ha as she is not that keen on house guests of the louse variety, wood or otherwise. She did however glance at Geotrupes stercorarius but returned swiftly to her breakfast. I did not explain GS’ role in life.