Well I did not say I was going to do a bird each day. I checked the text and I said I am toying with the idea. Be that as it may I have struggled on and here we are at day 2. I have two birds to choose from. My choice is Bluethroat. You will no doubt notice a resemblance to the Rubythroat and well you might as they are the same genus.

I hesitated though because beautiful though this bird is it is no longer in the most pristine plumage. Of course the same could be said about me so who am I to criticise? The light was passable but I did end up playing with the processing in one or two shots to try and get more contrast. See what you think. Day three will be tricky as I have to do chores and there will be no birding. I may have to dip into the archive already.

Bluethroat Bluethroat2b Bluethroat3 Bluethroat4 Bluethroat6 Bluethroat7And just because you were so kind about Ruby, here he is again, taken today….

Siberian Rubythroat 3 Siberian Rubythroat 4 Siberian Rubythroat