Lulu Bulletin

Lulu is a bit of a prima donna at home. She can be decidedly difficult. She suffers from all sorts of neuroses, her separation anxiety being especially bad. Take her to the vet however and she is all sweetness and light. Her temperament would gain her access to the celestial city without a doubt. I am not sure I would remain so calm if they took my temperature like that. Same again today. The wonderful Dr. Tint, a man who radiates placidity, did all sorts of tests on her. At one point she was hopping on one leg. Then left legs only. Next the right legs only. (She may have a future as a circus dog if she can do that on her own). She was squeezed, poked and prodded in a manner only a (wo)man of medicine can get away with. Still she remained serene and smiling. Or was that pent-up wind? Finally Dr. Tint said that Lulu was making progress. Another month or so of enforced rest, steroids and a painkiller if needed and then she would be firmly on the mend. Her slipped disc in the neck was improved.

We had one sad incident. A local lady had brought her dog in and it seemed it needed an operation, without which it would probably die. They would try antibiotics but really the dog needed an op. The cost was HK$7,000. It seemed she did not have the money and the dog would not have the op. Quietly I told Dr. Tint that if he would lower the fee for the dog’s op I would make up the difference, up to 50%. He was only willing to do this if the woman consented. Shirley discreetly spoke to her but the woman insisted it was not the cost. She simply did not want the dog to undergo the operation. It was only 6 years old. I wonder if it was true. I hate to think of a companion not being given the opportunity for a longer and better life.

To sate the desires of Lulu’s fan club, here is a picture from last year:

Lulu's eye

Oh, my princess!! A dog in a million. Thank heavens.

The weather today was officially described by the HK Observatory as ‘crap’. Sudden and torrential downpours interspersed with a few minutes of drizzle. So I could not have gone out even if we had not been taking Princess Lulu to the vet. So I went back to 2011 for a 20th May photo. Here it is: Night shopping.

Night Shopping

My catalogue keeps reminding me of the wonderful weather we have had in May in recent years. Lots of lovely bug photos. This year is a washout. I think I shall spend tomorrow helping Lulu with her “dancing on 1, 2 or 3 legs’ routine. There’s money in them there legs.

Skip, skip, skip to the Lou,

Skip, skip, skip to the Lou,

Skip, skip, skip to the Lou,

Skip to the Lulu, my darlin’.



Lulu – first pictures

OK. You want Lulu.

This is the first image we have of her.

Baby Lulu


And this is my favourite from her young pup days.

Lulu and rope

And finally, Lulu and Dad.

Lulu and And-ru


Those were the days………… June 2009. And in her prime….



Le Fin!


Laser dog

I have discovered that although my back is hell if I sit or lie down it is good enough for me to walk around. So Mrs. Ha and I went for an afternoon constitutional along the prom. Tiddly pom.

We discovered Champion the Laser Dog. As I describe it on Flickr:

This dog was being exercised by chasing a laser point. Look carefully on the ground and you see the red dot. I took this with an M9, manually focused. I picked a point where the dog ran on his ‘circuit’ and as he came into the frame I pressed the shutter. The joy of the rangefinder is that you can see outside the frame lines so you can time it much better.

Champion the Laser Dog

Champion the Laser Dog

The owner just sat on the bench and moved his pointer a few inches and the dog would bound off in a new direction. Clearly one of the elite.