Now you may be thinking ‘golf’. And you would be wrong. You should be thinking Pale Green Awlet. Or Bibasis gomata gomata. But if I had put in the title bar BGG it would have been too easy for you.

Described in one of my books as uncommon, hard to get near, active only at dawn and at dusk. Another says widely distributed. Take your pick. Here it is:


I only saw it because it flew as I sat down to rest and hide from a sharp rain shower. It settled first under one leaf, then moved to another. And there I managed to take a few frames. Very low light. Think ISO1600, F8 and it gives me only 1/60s. Not ideal. I used a little flash to lift the shadows. Better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick but it is marginal.

I had only gone out to avoid a shopping trip. Normally mid-morning is too late for me because of the heat and humidity. Sometimes though it seems the more attractive option. I did take a few more photos but nothing special. Here are some crumbs that Lulu didn’t lick off the floor, although she might well have done.

The Jezebel sat very still but sadly the breeze did not drop so I sacrificed DoF to get some shutter speed.

Common Black Jezebel;  Delias pasithoe

Common Black Jezebel; Delias pasithoe

The spider was in deep shade on a slope – bit of a fudge – note the flash in 2 of its 8 eyes.

Spider - not yet ID'd

Spider – not yet ID’d

And I really would like to show you The Red Baron but you’ll have to make do with Blue. This little tinker led me a merry dance. Would not settle within striking distance. So I ended up with some odd angled images and one straight on at a distance that meant a fair old crop and some rather scruffy path and leaves as a background.

Blue Baron; Euthalia phemius

Blue Baron; Euthalia phemius

That’s it. Now I need to rest and eat ice cream. Not necessarily in that order.