Things that go bang in the night

The last few nights we have heard loud explosions – almost certainly fireworks at close proximity. Behind the house is a wood so I was puzzled how this could be. If the noises were coming from the houses beyond the noise would be carrying a long way.

My afternoon walk through the wood was made more enjoyable by the presence of Mrs. Ha, who donned her wettest-weather gear to plough through the mud. Yesterday our garden was under water and even the garage was starting to ship water. I understand the local river has broken its banks but we are safe enough here. We also met a gaggle (?) of dog walkers. Very pleasant company for a 15 minute chat. Not much to show in the way of birdlife but the woods always please me, especially when they open up a little.untitled-12-2untitled-11-2These are iPhone shots BTW. And then, came my disappointment: untitled-13-2Somebody is setting off fireworks in the wood. This comes hot on the heels of catching somebody mountain-biking through them a few days ago. Is nothing sacred?  The woods are a small haven for wildlife. Deer live here as we well know. I have seen the odd fox and there are rabbits, owls and maybe a badger or two. How do they react at midnight when the fire crackers explode?  Sometimes I despair of the mentality of my fellow beings.

After 4 days my garden bird list for 2016 is a meagre 17. Despite having Firecrest on the list I don’t have a Blue Tit, Coal Tit or Goldcrest. Maybe they can’t find snorkels to fit. No Song or Mistle Thrush either. Very odd. Of course they may have decided to pack their bags and go. To noisy. Find a quieter neighbourhood. I may just do the same thing.