Temple farewell

In the two weeks I have been camping here I have grown to like the small Tin Hau Temple. I went to say goodbye today and dropped in on Lulu, Queen of all she surveys, on the way. She danced a jig and I made a fuss of her. We may squeeze in one last visit tomorrow.

The temple is a working temple. Busy all day. I took a wider angle lens to try and reshoot my favourite angle without the foreground clutter. The light was not so helpful so these shots are high ISO (6400 in the main). Shot with a Fujinon 14mm (21mm FF equivalent F2.8 lens on the X-T1 body.Altar


Temple interior



The Bell

TinHauexteriorYour good wishes and reassuring messages are much appreciated and if someone could send me a replacement back before we board tomorrow night that would be just splendid.

Marathon Man

From the wee small hours I could hear the chanting. Gah yow, gah yow. This means literally add oil. It is a call of encouragement to urge someone on. Well rather a lot of people needed some oil this morning as the 2015 Standard Chartered Bank marathon started early. There are the usual options of 10k, half marathon and for the foolish, a full Snickers bar.

Eventually I decided to open the curtains and see what was happening. The runners were close to our apartment and I took some images from the crow’s nest. Note that traffic is still allowed on the opposite carriageway but sadly, as I am sure it would be more entertaining, not on the same lanes.Marathon1


Just a little hazy – the photo is enhanced in Lightroom so that you can actually make out something in the distance. I recommend a mask and oxygen for those with breathing difficulties. Running here is a brave decision. It could of course be romantic, early morning mist. But it isn’t. Marathon3


Marathon5Some runners couldn’t even follow the arrows.Marathon6Then I wandered down to the bridge over the motorway just in time to be too late. Feeling the pain with a smile or a grimace. But they were not last!Marathon7Even this group of 4 managed to avoid being the tail on the donkey. Right at the back the last straggler, soldiering bravely on.Marathon8And just to urge her on the clearing up had already started behind. This marathon is run with a ruthless efficiency and a fanatical devotion to the pope. Just like the Spanish Inquisition.Marathon9And what of all the cheerleaders? Well they can settle down to a well-earned rest and a hearty breakfast convincing themselves that next year they too will run. But in the meantime there is room for just one more tiny, wafer-thin mint. Marathon10A good pal of mine ran the 10K in 61 minutes. Well done sir.