Sai Kung Waterfront

I continue to practice my long exposure images and instead of shooting from home I went to the pier at sunset. This is a tricky shot until the sun is fully below the horizon as it sets immediately behind the prom. This was my very last shot and the only one I think worth showing. I haven’t really got the hang of it yet.

Sai Kung at nightfall

Sai Kung at nightfall

Local landscapes with the Fujinon XF 10-24mm

I am not a landscape photographer. There is no escape from that. Visiting Nai Chung to look for birds and bugs has however reminded me that even locally there are some decent places to have a go at landscape photography. This morning I was out shortly after 5.30am and I took the X-T1 and the wide-angle zoom.

Here is a selection of the images.

Nai Chungdawn

Nai Chung dawn mono

Nai Chung dawn2

Nai Chung groyne

NaiChung groynemono



NaiChungpanomonoOnly the last 2 I still like even though I felt I had more keepers at the end of the half hour of good light.

Looking at them on the monitor I noticed that the left side of the images looked a little dark and I have had to pull the exposure up to get a better balance. I am not sure whether this is natural or the lens. It looks one-sided rather than pure vignetting. I also noticed that I had some dust bunnies and on one at least what appears to be a smudge. Those have been healed away. I was using the 10 stop ND filter again. I love the effect on the water but I think I am in danger of overdoing it – new toys and all that. It is quite tricky seeing the focus peaking with the ND filter, even using the LCD. It also results in rather odd clouds as they can move quite a lot in 30 seconds. I want to go back and try similar shots with the 14mm prime and if I do I won’t be using the big stopper as it has a different thread size but I can use a polariser. I was also not the first on site today. A woman was also out there taking photos of the sunrise. Maybe I have started a new hot spot.

For those still following the washing machine saga, it is not over yet. Mrs. Ha has still not given the 3rd machine her blessing as it does not rinse properly. I am on inspection duty to do a suds-check at 11.45 precisely. She has gone out to meet other ladies who lunch. So I am at home cleaning my lenses and filters. The sensor looks pretty good. Everything has to be sparkly clean before we go off to Venice next month. I am hoping the Brillo pad will add a lovely shine to my pictures. We have been to Venice before. This time I want to do a bit more and yesterday booked concert tickets. We need a break and I am glad to say that M will not be joining us on the trip.