In praise of film

Every now and again I get the urge. Away goes the M9, out comes the M3, a roll of Fuji Neopan Acros and off I go. The last roll was shot in the local town and I honestly think these images are as good as my digital output. I have the negatives developed and scanned by Photo & Scientific in Stanley Street, Central and for about HK$150 you can buy the film, shoot 36 frames and get back a disc with your images on it, a set of negs and a contact strip. Sound familiar? Have a look and see what you think. All images taken in Sai Kung.

Local building

Check mate?



The moorings - no spare spaces

Sampan sir?

Keeping the islands clean

Poling the boat

Peering from the pier

We are on the coast here and much revolves around the sea. Its a fine place to live and long may it continue.

I love my digital cameras but I also like going back to my roots. It has been a long way since I first picked up a Brownie Cresta 3. I hope my M3 stays with me as long as I walk this planet and maybe beyond. I feel film is a great medium for recording life in what is still a fairly traditional corner of Hong Kong. I hope you like the images I chose.