Chào buổi sáng, Việt Nam

A long way from wildlife today. I was rescuing files from a dead hard drive today and found some Hanoi images from 2007. Mrs. Ha and I went there for our 50th birthday celebration and stayed at the rather splendid Hotel Metropole. Jolly d. it was too at the time. I hope it is still. French colonial style but don’t let that put you off. Pas mal du tout.

These images were taken with a 30D and frankly after processing they are probably no different from my M9 files (shock horror!). Converted to DNG they are a gi-normous 7.5mb but don’t tell anyone. I leave you to judge whether they pass the smell test. And if Google Translate has messed up the title, it should say Good Morning, Vietnam (in Vietnamese of course). I apologize to the locals if it does not.

We still have a few of these guys in HK but they are becoming rarer – its the knife sharpener……..

The Whet Stone Man

These are all over the place in HK but this lady is not a serious photographer as she isn’t using an iPhone, she isn’t pointing the camera at herself and she isn’t making a V sign. She’ll learn.

I don’t know why I like this next one but I do. I think it was the juxtaposition of the cap for authority and the antiquated radio gear. It reminds me of the stuff my father used to build from components bought from a firm called Heathkit in Gloucestershire. Only his worked.

The Trappings of Power

Now here’s a good citizen, preparing for his motorbike driving test with his revision notes in one hand and a glass of cleansing ale in the other. Cheers!

Don’t Drink (Read) and Drive

And finally, a reminder that this is where I am probably heading…………

I’ve certainly got a suit that fits like that but I’m afraid I’m short one clay pipe. I’m sure I can get one in Sheung Wan. It looks like he borrowed the hat from Inspector Maigret.

And there we have it. Five five-year-old photos from Hanoi, about the same age as my sense of humour. Well this blog isn’t called “All Downhill” for nothing.