Huli Wigmen

A number of people have wondered what I look like. Today therefore I thought I’d present a couple of shots from my punk period. I have toned down the outfits a little since the 70s but occasionally I still like to put on my finery.



And now:


Where were these shots taken? Here is a clue…..


And finally, because I like it and for no other reason,


Now of course, those shots aren’t really me….. those guys are far too handsome. But I took in  a bunch of old 35mm slides the other day and had them scanned. The only problem is that some of them, now they are out of sequence, could be anywhere on the 6 continents I have visited. The last one above for example is a complete and utter mystery to me. I have a very vague feeling it may have been taken in Morocco but it might have been Manchester. On second thoughts it can’t be Manchester as the sun was clearly shining and it wasn’t raining.

I am rather disappointed with the quality of the final scans but hey ho, it was worth a try. I’m sure that if I want really good scans I’ll either have to do them myself or I’ll have to pay a bras and a jambe. So for the time being I’ll just keep the slides in a box and hope they don’t deteriorate. And if anybody does recognise where the final shot was taken then you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.