Ice Hole

Now then, Gingold Minor, stop laughing at the back of class. I said Ice Hole.



You see Mrs. Ha and I have been trying to agree on a hotel for Macau and the stumbling block is my refusal to pay HK$160 per day for wifi. It seems all the hotels have introduced this iniquitous charge and it strikes me simply as a way of extracting more from the customer in harder times. We certainly didn’t pay for wifi last year. So we have called ‘time out’ and I have retreated to my study to play with the Antarctic trip pics. So here is a chance to show a few more and I’d thought I’d start with an ice hole.

And next up is the rather flirtatious Leonard Seal (the well-known typing error). Go on, give us a kiss. I don’t bite. Well maybe I do but just a little bit.



And I know you all liked the Shag on Ice so here’s another shot in close up.




The Crabeater seal in the meantime was getting rather bored and looking to retreat to his own ice hole. Enough, as they say, is enough.



The penguins were arguing about whether they should take the plunge:


Whilst the skua just wanted to make a nuisance of himself.




The penguin felt the need to check everything was in working order:



And us? Well we just soaked up the evening light and left the animals to their own devices. Happy memories.