Ice show…….

A shag on ice. Stop smirking, Jones minor.

Antarctic shag, Phalacrocorax [atriceps] bransfieldensis (per Shirihai).


And a couple of seals to go with it:


And as it is a fine photo indeed, a guest appearance from Mrs. Ha’s collection, the stunningly beautiful Weddell seal, Leptonychotes wedellii.


Hers was taken with the Canon SX50 HS. This was my interpretation(s) with canon 5D3:


Weddell in curious mode. Who woke me up?


And back to sleep with feet in the air.

These were taken at Larsen Harbour and we fell in love with the place and the seals. Quite enchanting. It caused a minor spat with the “Photographer in Residence”. I took a shot of the environment (with my little Lumix LX5) and developed it in 2 ways – a B&W conversion and an interpretation that was very blue. Just before I showed him the shot we discussed how sensors interpret colour and the blues in our images. Was it really so blue? His reaction was “I hate it when people exaggerate the blue. It is so unnatural”. Then he looked at my blue version and said – “That’s dreadful!! I have no idea what it is supposed to be”. I pointed it out it wasn’t an attempt to portray Larsen harbour as it is but as I wanted to show it. By validation I showed him the B&W version. “Now that’s fine”, he said. So there we have it. Black & white are in, blue is out. What colours will you be wearing this season? Not blue I hope.



And before my language turns blue, that’s your lot for today.