Street life

What a week its been. Four days of work including three late nights. My body is crying ‘uncle’. All good fun but then this morning I was beaten mercilessly by a woman and I paid good money for it. She called it Thai massage. I called it damned painful. And all that after a trip to the vet. It seems I am ok but poor Lulu has problems. She may have a spinal problem. Dr. Brad gave her a steroid injection as the tablets are not doing any good. She is barely 5 years old so we hope fervently she is not going to have any major problems. Mrs. Ha then disappeared off to her Korean class. I hit the town and the town hit me.

The four days of work left me no time for reading your blogs or writing my own. Abject apologies. We need the pocket money. I have to work again Monday. Tuesday we will be off to Lottie-land and the delights of Barcelona.

Here are today’s snapshots of life in Sai Kung.

Anything for the [FT] Weekend sir?Weekend What a magnificent moustache, sir.Brush moustache Its all too much.DozingInside the market (where did that colour come from?!)market North FaceNorth Face WatchingWatching WonderWoman? (Look at the boots!)WonderWoman

A brief diversion

It being Valentine’s day I took Mrs. Ha for a slap up burger lunch in TST today. I am sooo romantic. She tried on some clothes whilst I tried on the new Sony A7. Neither of us bought. I thought the A7’s high iso performance was dismal. I shot it at 3200 and was underwhelmed.

I shot a few frames with the Leica M9 and some of you might catch a couple of these on FB or Flickr. However for those of you who have not seen them, here are my 3 Valentine’s Day massacres. What might (very) loosely be called street photography, in which I dabble occasionally.



L1003594-EditThe first two of these were shot from the hip and the final one a walk past, ‘over the head of the folks in front’ shot. Click and walk rather than hit and run.


The agony and the ecstasy

Its been an odd sort of week. I bought a second hand laptop to take with me to Antarctica and that resolved my back up conundrum. I saw some people I hadn’t seen in ages and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. I even started a new project as part of my part time work. All to the good. And yet I still feel restless. Maybe it is the constant flow of money leaving the bank and very little going in.  A stock market that resolutely refuses to bounce always irks me. Strangely I am not afraid of volatility but it would be nice to see some respite. I did get out with my camera on Friday evening while Mrs. Ha was playing mahjong but there was nothing to write home about.

Nevertheless as that is all I have to offer and my good humour has gone astray, here are a few shots from my wanderings.

A typical dai pai dong

Breaking up for the evening

Lonely this Christmas (no Elvis)

Loyal Dining



These are all shot on a Leica M9 using the Noctilux 50mm wide open at F0.95 and at ISO800 – so lots of noise – and very shallow DoF. No flash. I don’t like flash for street photography. The processing is using some film replicating software and I have to say I quite like it but I am still experimenting. Not 100% sold on it yet.

Have a good week.