There’s no time like the past

My lack of spark drags on. I am without inspiration. Some consolation comes from looking back at a few images from last year and thinking they weren’t so bad after all. Another trawl through the Macau images and I offer you two images, one colour, one black and white. I leave you to guess which is which. Both taken in temples.

Incense Prayer

Macanese reprise

Early in March last year last year Mrs. Ha and I went to Macau. I have reworked three shots from the trip which I hope you like.

Morning paper.Morning paper A selfie but not mineSelfie-2 And a well earned rest.RestingMrs. Ha is out playing mahjong, I have been deserted. Oh woe is me.


Macanese motorbike rider

I bravely stood in the middle of the street to photograph this scene as Evil Macau-Knievel hurtled towards me at an eye-popping 20kph (estimated max.). “Get out of the way” screamed Mrs. Ha, fearful of loss of life. But he didn’t listen.

Macau Bikin'

Macau Bikin’

Another play with Color Efex Pro 4; Pro Contrast filter.