Orgy time?

Well Orgyia Postica perhaps. I had a bad morning today and was out barely 30 minutes. I felt a little light-headed before I left home and the heat, humidity and perhaps the heavy pack conspired to leave me feeling breathless and woozy in short order.  My wife drove out to check on me and drove behind me the short distance back to the house. A couple of hours later I feel fine again. Strange. Maybe some dehydration had set in.

So there was not a great deal of time to take pictures but I found this larva at the dragonfly pond.

Orgyia postica

The trick here was to focus through a metal fence – not easy. I had to get down low and try to position the lens to exclude all the wire mesh.

My good friend Trithemis festiva was out again:

Trithemis festiva

And these were two shots I took whilst waiting for the St. Shirley’s Ambulance to arrive so they are a bit shaky on focus 😦

Ariadne ariadne

Hopefully better luck next time.