BAD on ice

I’m not feeling too perky today so I shall cheat a little. Yesterday’s bird was clearly a welcome return for BAD. I think therefore that some more recent joiners may enjoy a reprise of some of the images from the Antarctic trip last year.

Today is one of my favourites. For context, I still have over 5,000 files from the trip. Some are taken by Mrs. Ha and she proved that a simple lightweight super-zoom can produce some excellent results. Not least because of its versatility. I also learned a lot about what things work and what things don’t. I hope if I went again I would shoot less but better quality. Sadly the excitement overwhelmed us last time and we went kodak-crazy.

This though is one of the shots I actually got round to printing. Its caption is Shag on Ice. Phalacrocorax bransfieldensis or the Antarctic Shag. The snow and ice harmonise and complement one another on their own. The bird is the icing on the cake. Or on the ice to be precise.

Ice shag Final

I never bore of this image and I hope those of you who have seen it before will excuse me the re-post.