Well Usagi gave us a friendly wave and passed us by, missing Hong Kong by 100km. The winds took it North West of us. Overnight we had torrential rain and gusting winds. I woke at 3.30am and hear them. However we are used to T8s and a direct hit is much more frightening as the folks up the coast discovered. This was pretty standard in the end.

This morning we have been putting everything back in its rightful place and normality has been restored. I drove 10 minutes up the road to see whether any birds had been blown in but nothing of interest. The waves were underwhelming.

It is an anti-climax and a welcome one. Thank you all for your good wishes.

Just to add some context, here are 2 images taken a few days apart – before and after Usagi.Watersurface





Mr. Blue Sky

I frequently bemoan the poor air quality in HK. Occasionally though we do get glorious blue sky days. Today is such a day. We had rain overnight. The temperature has cooled a little. If only all our summer days were like this. Two images taken from our house today plus a monochrome conversion to prove that nature looks wonderful in black and white too.



IMGL9911-2I have another post in my mind. I hope it sticks. It could be my best ever, so I shall probably forget it the moment I sit at the laptop. Isn’t it always like that?