Print on, it’s a crazy feeling

At four in the morning (Faron Young time) I could not sleep and decided to tiptoe down to the study to look at a few more print candidates. Here are two. One I am sure I shall print, the other I am still undecided. Here is the “yes” vote.


And here is the “undecided”, a skua on a rock!


Feedback welcome but not mandatory!

And a third image, not for printing but I wanted to show it as an excellent example of camouflage.


If you see these birds against a plain background they look highly visible. Put them on a pebbled beach however and suddenly they become part of the surroundings, blending perfectly with the shingle, weed and water. There were about half a dozen birds on the beach when I took this and from a distance it was hard to pick them out unless they moved. This is cropped slightly so you can see the bird a little better but in a large frame it stands out a lot less.

Oh and in case you didn’t recognise it, the bird is Southern Lapwing, Vanellus chilensis. Half way through the week folks. Hang in there.