Where did all the gondolas go?

Sad to report my back is getting worse not better.  However if North Korea translates its belligerence into action that may be the last of my worries. Literally. However we have good friends in Seoul and generally I look to locals to see how they are reacting. Just as in the 2001-2002 nuclear standoff between India and Pakistan when I saw no sign of my colleagues in Mumbai panicking, neither do I sense panic in Seoul. Apprehension no doubt but wrapped in a belief that it makes no sense for either side to allow the war to resume. I hope they are right. In any case increased defensive deterrence is sensible.

Back to Italy today for more B&W images with just a leetle splash of colour at the end. I find Italy infinitely photogenic and so on with the show.

The Winged Lion (St. Mark) is saying:  che cosa stai guardando? (I apologise to Alessandro if that doesn’t mean what I think it does!)


I love old gates and locks and this is just a small detail from a Venetian gate


To see the area around St. Mark’s empty you have to get up at the crack of dawn. We stayed in the Luna Hotel Baglioni and it allowed me to be in the square 2 minutes after leaving the room.



And this is just one of a myriad of little alleyways I could have photographed. There is a lovely old rhyme that goes:

Caviar comes from the virgin sturgeon, virgin sturgeon very fine fish, virgin sturgeon needs no urgin’ and that’s why caviar is a very rare dish.


And just because we all need a little colour (and birds) in our lives…….


Do not go through life without visiting Venice.