Bakheng sunrise

A 5am start for Bakheng to see the sun rise over Angkor Wat. A reasonable reward.

A beautiful morning. Sadly the temples are hugely overcrowded even with a dramatic drop in Chinese visitors because of the coronavirus. It was like conveyor belt tourism. Move. Stop. Here is where you take the picture. You have 20 seconds. Next. I gave up and left. Another reason why I loathe group tours. Bakheng isn’t (yet) commercialised and was very quiet. Except for us.

This is me flouncing out of Angkor Wat.

Allez France?

This youngster lives on the banks of the Mekong River. He ducked in and out a few times whilst I tried to photograph him. His French shirt was probably a celebration of the rugby the night before.

Scrum half maybe? Or aspiring prop?

Travel photography

More gems from my trawl through Mrs. Ha’s archive.Pigeon LightMust have a dog 🙂SetterI converted this to B&W. Don’t tell her.shadow walkersThis last one is an oddity. Mrs. Ha mistakenly set her camera to the ‘miniature effect’. I only noticed it a day or so later. So this is me outside one of the art galleries in Madrid. I call it “Toy Boy”.ToyBoy