For Cameron

This afternoon I witnessed an 11 year old boy run out from behind a school bus into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The driver had no chance to stop. I called the ambulance and Cameron is now in hospital. We had the lot, paramedics, ambulance, helicopter……. I hope he makes a full recovery. The driver was himself in shock.

In true British style people jumped into action. A doctor saw the accident and stopped immediately. Two other drivers started controlling the traffic flow. Someone contacted his mother via his mobile phone. His teacher appeared and kept him warm with his coat. I talked the emergency services through his injuries whilst the doctor did an initial assessment.

So a salutary reminder of how life can change in a fraction of a second. And this one is for Cameron. I hope he is back at home soon.

Reeds in the breeze.

Winnall Moors reed bed

Winchester explored

A few more photographic records from my daily wanderings. Starting with some of Winchester’s venerable watering holes:The Eclipse Inn

William WalkermonoAnd then a rather snazzy shop window (where I have recently bought a shirt or two, though none features a red flower :-)CadoganA rather catchy set of cafe chairsChairsAnd another take on the red doorsRed Doors2Doubtless more to follow