A quick taster

Well my plan to start afresh with The Daily Yaffle, the journal of life in and around our garden has been vociferously voted down. So to kick us off with the new phase of All Downhill, here is the local hill and a bluebell from our garden.From Shawford Down

Native Bluebell

I need to write up my notes and start the posts. Be warned.


I apologise for not visiting blogs in the last 2 weeks and of course I have hardly been able to post. We do now have some sort of working internet. It is currently being ‘stabilised’. I hope to start my log of wildlife at the new home soon. Views on using this forum or a new blog?

Back anon.

SKY update

Well SKY has started the redemption process. The Executive support team called me today. We had a constructive discussion and they will now investigate. To be continued. 

The house purchase completed and we have the keys. Tomorrow work starts in earnest. And here  is the bank breaker 😃