Peak Cisticola

This morning I did a pre-breakfast cardio work out and walked up to Victoria Peak Garden. I took with me a new Fuji X-H1 and the 100-400mm lens I use for birds. There were a few birds around but all high up. Not a good test for the new combo.

As I walked up to the top garden I spotted a bird perched on a low fence. The soft sunlight was shining on it.

Zitting Cisticola

The usual procedure is I edge closer and the bird flies away. That was what I expected. Instead it just hopped on to a nearby bush and I started my approach until:

Cisticola juncidis

Cisticola juncidis

Cisticola juncidis

I moved slightly to vary the background – the purple and the green are just different foliage behind the bird. Then I decided to try to walk around and photograph with the light behind me rather than across the bird. And then it flew. I never refound it.

This is a Zitting Cisticola and it really should not have been on Victoria Peak. But migrants can turn up anywhere and it will doubtless move on, possibly to Mai Po or Long Valley. I was very happy indeed with this new bird for my patch.

Most birds don’t allow close approach and this ‘bonus’ shot is more typical. Small in the frame this needed a decent crop just to get to this size.

Ficedula albicilla

This is a Taiga Flycatcher. Very similar to Red-breasted Flycatcher they can be separated on call and this one called. I confused them in my mind but after checking on Aves Vox this is definitely a Taiga, burning bright.

Hong Kong on a good day

Despite all the trials we suffer at present the bulk of beautiful Hong Kong remains calm. Here are a couple of views from my morning walk and a selection of the butterflies I photographed. The first photo looks across to Lamma. Those are power station chimneys. In the second you are looking down towards Central and beyond. We live in one of the residential tower blocks in the foreground.

We expect more trouble this weekend as the protesters continue to focus on the airport. If you are planning to visit HK I advise caution.