Our distraction

She is 9 months old today. Gung gung is flying to Taipei and will miss her. I will see her again at the weekend. She is just so much fun. Breakfast was a bit messy but she scrubs up well 😂.

And there he was, gone

Over a year. It seems a lot longer. Where did 2018 go? Where is 2019 going? Well I agreed to help out at a hedge fund last Autumn. Two months. Part time. I’m still there. Full-ish time. And after the fall I suffered in early 2018 I finally had to admit that I couldn’t take the pain of hiking. So I stopped. No walking. Too much work. Result, no photos. Less reading. Lots of brain rattling and quite a bit of knee creaking.

Eventually I had the knee fixed. Sort of. I seem to have cured the original problem and now have some collateral damage. Slowly its mending though. I am gradually getting a day off here there despite the He said, Xi said game of tariff wars. And to celebrate the glimmer of respite I have taken on another board seat.

I have started walking again with my camera for company. Here’s a recent find. I asked him: why the long face? Sorry, old joke 😦


And of course the biggest and happiest drain on my free time is our granddaughter. 9 months old this week and the apple of her grandma’s eye. She spends 4 days a week with us whilst mum and dad are at work and sleeps over quite a lot. She is simply wonderful.

I’m still doing a little moth-ing and found this gem in broad daylight recently. Amplypterus panopus – the Mango Hawkmoth

Amplypterus panopus - the Mango Hawkmoth

I shall be off to Fraser’s Hill in Malaya soon for 4 nights intensive moth-ing.

Hong Kong is a mess. It really isn’t a good place to be. But with our family here we won’t leave. I have written couple of pieces on the situation but neither saw the light of day. Both are out of date. I just sneaked in as a ‘colonial’ and this feels like home.  So my camera and I will still walk the hills around the Peak and hope for peace.

I have not decided yet whether to blog more frequently. Too many commitments. However when I logged on the other day I realised I missed the camaraderie. So who knows. No promises to myself. Just a ‘maybe’. I’ve missed you all.

Rhabdoscelus lineaticollis

Rhabdoscelus lineaticollis