A brief moment of hope.

The clear out is coming to an end. We have taken possession of the new rented apartment in Hong Kong. Lulu is happily ensconced in her new kingdom.

As part of the clear out I have been putting some of the older furniture on a site called Gumtree. It has been reasonably successful. Last week I put on 2 rather worn and bruised bedside cabinets. One even had a small split from the humidity in Hong Kong. I advertised them under ‘Freebies’. Collect for free.

The first person messaged me several times and we agreed a time to collect. The time came and went and eventually I chased them. Oh, give it to someone else. I can’t come, they said. I felt rather annoyed but this is about par for the course I thought. So I put them back on the site and half an hour later I had a taker. Very polite enquiry. I agreed a time again and wondered.

Spot on 11am the taker arrived. A young man with his partner. I showed them the bedside cabinets and apologized for the condition. Absolutely no problem they said. She, bubbling with gratitude, he efficiently lifting them into the back of the car. They were getting their first flat together next week. They can’t afford to buy new so essentially they will take what they can get with gratitude. They don’t want to start with a load of debt.

After they had left I reflected on how refreshing their attitude was. Incredibly polite. Eminently sensible. And how unusual at a time when consumer debt is escalating again to levels that are starting to concern the great and the good. I was brought up to avoid debt as much as possible. My parents saved then bought. They bought little and bought quality that would last. Several pieces of their furniture grace our home today. Far removed from the instant gratification that seems to prevail today. I am sure I won’t see the young couple again but I wish them every happiness and thank them for cheering up my day.