Monochrome Friday

I have just added this to Google +. A rework of an old shot I made in Lahore – I used my X1 and converted this in LR4, used a Define 2 filter and tonal contrast from NIK. It is the Badshahi Mosque.

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore

Badshahi Mosque, Lahore

29 thoughts on “Monochrome Friday

  1. I do like monochrome used for architecture. Your post treatment of this gives it a wonderful illustration feel. Really beautiful structure and very sympathetic photographic rendering.

  2. This is indeed a fine image and I really like your rendering, Andrew. As you know, I am also revisiting older images to see how they do in monochrome. Sometimes the images that seem a bit blah really shine in B&W.

    • Thank you Steve. Working out what works in colour and what in monochrome is my big challenge right now. Shooting RAW and B&W jpegs is a way of doing so. It’s trickier with flowers than street, I think.

      • Nay Sirrah, thou art cleverer than I, (apols,..:-) . just love trying out Shakespearean Words) … I have a Samsung PL20 and I’m still trying to figure out the menu… I opened a Flickr account, but no hope with my efforts, I’d be ashamed to show them with so many good photographers just like yourself. xPenx

  3. Does look good in monochrome. Now I’ve found a plugin that works for WLW I’m starting to use google+ more and more for hosting my blog images, in preference to Flickr.

  4. Love the photo. It seems to sparkle all over the place, it is perhaps the combination of the shot and the beauty of the building. It almost looks as if the garbed man and boy at the front are part of the fountain scene. Are they real or a sculpture?

  5. What an absolutely stunning picture. Graceful, beautiful, captivating – It works so well in B&W. The detail is extraordinary. Really fantastic, Andrew.

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