More Macau Magic

If you go to Macau but you are like us, you don’t want to spend your time in the casinos, where can you go? Well we spent two and a half days and explored the following areas:

Old Taipa Village


Old Macau – side streets

and we had an excellent afternoon tea at the de Pousada Sao Tiago.

These areas won’t have the big brand shops that many seek but they will provide lots of history and local colour. What I have tagged as Old Macau is the main town but avoiding the principal shopping streets. You only need to turn off the major thoroughfares to find fascinating shops and houses that probably have not changed in decades. Most are small and seemingly family run. Here is a good example:

Shop keeper / sleeper

Sleeping at the counter is not good for trade but most small shops seem to double as homes too. From many the clacking of mah jong tiles can be heard. Wherever you go you will see small temples and shrines. And some temples are grander and very ornate. I was slightly perplexed by one of the figures in this collection!

Odd god out

And here they all looked a lot alike.

Look alike competition?

Not all the images are so god-like.

We found some interesting “bench shots”.

On the bench

On the bench 2

We really struggled to understand what these people were doing. In total about 30 people kept running up and down some of the narrow back streets. I guessed they might be on some sort of treasure hunt game but I don’t really know.

On the move

Equally perplexing was this sign…….. who or what is a curry monster?

Curry Monster

Is that Boris Karloff behind the barrier? And any ideas for this one?

Let's give him a Big Hand

Time for some more temple scenes?

The Altar

And the chapel of St. Francis Xavier

Chapel of St. Francis Xavier

Now a nicely decorated shop-front:

What Macau has in abundance is colour.

But if it all gets a bit overpowering there is always the chance of refuge and tranquility from The Goddess of Mercy

And with that, I will finish this quick look at Macau. I hope you have enjoyed it.

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