Shall we invite some friends over for lunch?

How do you get from this

Bug Tug

To this?

Feeding Frenzy

Well I guess you just invite a few friends round for beer and popcorn and well, you know, it just gets out of hand. Whatever these bugs are they are fine gymnasts. [Now identified for me as Poecilocoris latus].

This morning I went back to the location I was in yesterday. I was much later and the weather was different – no sun to speak of, the puddles had dried up, probably with the wind and the butterflies were absent.

I struggled to find anything but then spotted these bugs. They were in a position where I could not get a good size in frame with my 300mm lens as its minimum focusing distance was too great and the 180mm macro was in the car. Not much use there. So the first shot is a very big crop from the 300mm and then I wandered back to the car, retrieved the 180mm and when I returned the party was in full swing. Still, it was too much of a stretch but with a 2x TC (of which I am not a big fan) I managed something half passable. The wind was quite strong so I was working at ISO 2500 to get 1/250s at F8.

So I still owe you one Blue admiral imago with open wings.

3 thoughts on “Shall we invite some friends over for lunch?

  1. Apologies, but those are not *Poecilocoris latus* which is a plant eater bug commonly known as a *Camellia* or *Tea Seed* Bug (and as the name implies is a pest of tea/chá) which is in the *Scutelleridae* family of *Jewel* or *Shieldbacked* bugs.

    Your bugs are predatory so must be something else. They are apparently nymphs of the 2nd instar as they have not developed wing buds yet. To me they look most like nymphs of the *Red Bug* family *Pyrrhocoridae* which are known as opportunistic predators. But these are not my specialties, especially in that geographical area.

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