I love Cam-bo-dia

I am on a photography workshop at the moment in Phnom Penh. What a fabulous place. I’m shooting with 5 others- we are 2 instructors, 4 clients. I want to do this justice when I return, but here is just a sniff of what we are doing.

Tough Guy


Trainee Tough Guy


The Would-be Moll


These are all young people from a local school, helping us learn. They are simply delightful kids, bursting with energy, fun and always playing up to the camera. With a few reflective moments in between, for them and us.

This is such a different environment from what we are used to. These youngsters have little in material terms but seem unequivocally happy. Their smiles are natural and infectious. I just happened to pick a few shots that look a little more sombre but in reality they had a ball and were rewarded with drinks and ice creams.

More when I return. I’d love to get some feedback from you before I leave on Sunday evening.

4 thoughts on “I love Cam-bo-dia

  1. I am no expert when it comes to either street or portrait photography but I do think these are very nice. Natural looking colors and the kids are not at all as you describe them…not tough at all. 🙂 Very glad you are enjoying yourself there, Andrew.

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