All good things must come to an end

January. Half the month in the frozen South, half the month blogging about it. With a few days birding thrown in here at home. Blog stats off (my) scale. Thank you penguins.

There is good news and alas, as always, bad news. I leave you to decide which is which. February will start a period of reduced output from the resident scribe. The dog may substitute now and again as she has in the past. We are still in contract negotiations. There are lots more holiday snaps to show but retirement and blogging bring in no money so I have succumbed to the temptation of filthy lucre and agreed to do some work over the next quarter. Who knows it may pay for the next big expedition. Mrs. Ha has whispered both Arctic and Galapagos in my ear since we returned. The only condition set by Mrs. Ha is that I do turn up for daughter number 1’s wedding. I think I shall manage that.

And so to today’s offerings. Three black and white landscapes, one of which was given a sneak preview on Flickr yesterday to rave reviews. Well…..six to be precise. Thank you all. And today there is a quiz attached. Because one of them was taken by Mrs. Ha and you are invited to guess which one. Can you tell the difference between a canon 5D3 shot and a Canon SX50 HS? Here’s your chance.






And that concludes January 2013. Thank you so much for following me as I meander through the almost 6000 files we shot. I feel I should have presented things in a more organised and coherent matter but I didn’t and I apologise. Maybe next time.

Happy February everyone.



16 thoughts on “All good things must come to an end

  1. Really nice shots, love how b&w works there. The third one especially has a classic feel to it. Like it was taken in some by gone era where some poor guy carried a huge box camera on the trip to record it.

  2. This is my first visit to your blog and I enjoyed the B & W photos. The real reason for my visit and I hope you won’t mind a camera question but I am intrigued by the Canon PS SX50 HS for a couple of reasons–the reach of the lens and I’m getting tired of lugging around a big slr and all the lenses. I was referred to you by Callee Photography who also has the same camera. One of my questions had to do with b & w but that has been answered. How is it in low-light photography? Any other comments you would like to make would really be appreciated.
    Thanks, David

  3. I could not tell but thougjht maybe one since there seemed to be less detail. Must you stop blogging completely because you have now decided to work again? I can not return to my former job. Too old for hiring and I don’t want to work for peanuts some place else. I would like very much to see Lulu pics. Don;t know if you noticed or not but I made her a favorite on Flickr.

  4. It’s me! It’s me! Since you found me and I visited back (or was it the other way around?) I must have surely doubled your numbers!

    I’m not playing silly guessing games, I haven’t a clue between a Canon whotsit and another Canon whotsit. I think 1 and 3 look sharper. That’s all.

    On the other hand, him from the Valleys said, why was there no sky on No 1? We all look for different things.

    Good one on the money. My dog has his own blog. He complains he doesn’t get enough time on there, justifiably. He used to get more comments than me and write more often but I am afraid he has been on compulsory blog retirement schedule because I am too busy to write ‘I am on my sofa, I like chasing cats and eating toast’ more than once a month ๐Ÿ˜€

    • It almost certainly is you, Rough Seas and I am eternally grateful. At one point I wondered whether there was anybody out there!

      Why no sky in number 1? Its because its in grey and white and grey clouds look grey and almost colourless. To be honest the answer is a little more technical I think – the other 2 files are RAW and number 1 is ‘only’ a jpeg original so I can do less with it. The others have had a contrast boost that drags the clouds out kicking and screaming.

      Lulu (the dog) only rarely blogs herself as I don’t want her getting carried away with the idea that she’s some sort of canine J K Rowling. Unless of course she can pen something along the lines of Lulu H. and the Philospher’s Bone, that will sell zillions of copies. She’s currently in disgrace having eaten a dead cockroach on the street this morning. She followed that by eating petals off the tree blossom so I guess they cancelled one another out. Strangely Lulu also likes toast. Must go now. I can smell pork chops and I have to get to them before Lulu.

      And so its ‘nos da’ from me and its ‘nos da’ from him. Nos da.

      • I so like to make people happy. You are one of many who I have brought happiness to ๐Ÿ˜€

        Hmm, that means pesky partner is right as don’t you normally shoot in RAW? Damn!!

        Are their dogs that make money out of blogging? Pippa has suddenly jumped up. Cockroaches don’t interest him. Personally I wish he would display the same prey drive for them as he does for cats, rats and mice.

        Pasta and fresh peas here. Smelling very nice too. Pippa has already had his fair share of a few that fell on the floor or were given as treats.

        I’ll say bora da from him, although it is borderline for morning afternoon here. And buenas (covers everything) from me.

  5. No, NO! Don’t stop! The photos and commentaries are priceless. Thank you very very much for sharing them with us.
    Art Smith and Betsy McCaul

  6. Three very nice landscape images Andrew and Shirley. I really like the layout of image number two and will guess that Shirley’s image is number three showing nice scale.

    I hope the return to labor proves fruitful and worthy…and above all else provides more adventures such as you are sharing.

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