The Man from Amantis?

What a dreadful pun 😦

But I take you away from acrobatic cats to a possibly rare mantis, which visited the 3 Moth-eteers on Saturday night. I originally saw this on the edge of the trap:Creobroter sp

Creobroter sp

I think its head moved as I took the photo but anyway it flew off and landed on a tree trunk, where we had a chance to formally introduce ourselves.Creobroter sp2We chatted for a while and suddenly we were rudely interrupted by this visitor:SpiderThe spider launched itself at the mantis and the target prey took flight, never to return.The mantis was a lot bigger than the spider but I wonder if the spider could inject venom and paralyze the victim. I have seen a mantis in a spider’s web before.

This mantis is probably Creobroter gemmata. The only book on HK mantis is George Ho’s Mantis of HK, published by the HK EntSoc. It is in Chinese but Mrs. Ha read the text and said this is rare. There is a very similar mantis but that has only 1 HK record and I’m not claiming number 2.

This is one of the joys of being out at night. So many things to see that I would miss by day. I hope you find this as fascinating as I do.



19 thoughts on “The Man from Amantis?

  1. Indeed yes, Andrew ! – but I hope you’re not going to start specialising in rare animals, because you might start running out much too soon …

  2. I’ve only seen a handful of mantises and none as interesting as yours, Andrew. Such nice markings and I am glad that spot on the wings didn’t turn out to be a bull’s eye.
    I’ve always thought that puns should be dreadful. Posted my own baddy the other day.

  3. I do find the Mantids fascinating, Andrew and what a beauty this one is. Shot 2 is really very good indeed. You are on a roll with the rarities, and it would be wonderful if this was indeed number 2!

    • More important James was where it was found. The area is under threat by developers so we are looking for ‘flagship’ species that merit protection. This site is quite remote and undisturbed so not surprisingly life thrives here.

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