22 thoughts on “Cat’s Eyes

  1. This is such an amazing likeness of our neighbor’s cat–named Bella, from TWILIGHT–that disappeared last year. I would question you to see if you’d gotten Bella on the black market πŸ˜‰ except there have been mountain lions in our area next to the Garden of the Gods, and we all fear Bella met her fate.
    Lovely shot.

    • Marylin, I promise this is not a black market catnapping. There are several belonging to local shops. Very healthy. A couple of nice tabbies too. Yvonne calls it a tuxedo cat 😊

  2. Andrew, this is one of my all time favorite shots. Tuxedo colored cats are some of my favorites I have two males that are Tuxedo. This cat is beautiful, healthy and, very alert. Excellent shot.

    It must be a royal pain with the lithium batteries. I feel bad that you are having so much exasperation. But I am glad that you appear to be mending rapidly. You will need lots of energy for the flight and the move.

  3. What a pest about the batteries – I’m guessing that you have lots of them otherwise you could take them in your hand luggage when you fly? Beautiful photo of the cat. I wish that we could have one here but it’s another little person to find someone to care for when we travel 😦 When are you moving back to Blighty, Andrew and how’s it all going? and most importantly, how are you? πŸ™‚

    • I will put some in carry-on luggage Lottie but I think I have too many. We leave on February 2nd. I am doing pretty well. Still on meds to keep things in order. They stop after 3 months and then we shall see :-))

      • This is great news that you are on the mend. Fingers crossed that all goes well for you. Golly gosh, your move is really soon, how exciting! πŸ™‚

    • Good Yvonne. Slowly making progress but I never want to move masses of photo gear again – the rules on shipping or not shipping lithium batteries are driving me crazy. Sooooo confusing and restrictive.

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