A walk on the sunny side

With the crisp winter sun creating some strong contrasts yesterday I had some exposure challenges to deal with. After Lady Gaga’s Doppelgänger here are three more from the Sai Kung sea front.

ConcentrationConcentrationRelaxationRelaxAnd the harbour, into the sunBacklit harbour

Year end miscellany

I started out intending to write my 2015 photography resolutions. Along the lines of

I won’t shoot wide open because I can (Nocti and all the Summilux lenses, Fuji 56mm F1.2 etc). But I like fast glass.

I will shoot more B&W. Yeah but wildlife doesn’t always hack it in monochrome.

I won’t buy any new gear. Tried that last year. Epic fail.

I will sell the Leica M. But it did ok today. Just don’t take it out in the evenings.

I will choose a genre and stick to it. Nahhhh. Why would I limit myself like that?

I could go on but it is boring me so heaven knows what it must be doing to you.

My last post was about A decade ago. I intended today to write about 5 years ago. On the 29th December 2009 we moved into this house. And now we are leaving. Where did the time go? How did Sai Kung and Hong Kong lose the plot so badly?

I could of course bore you with how I tried out my newly repaired heart today. And it worked like a dream. Still apprehensive it will flip back into AF but for now it is all systems go.

Finally I decided just to show two images from today’s walk with the Leica M. And here they are. Miss Wistful and Mrs. Fish.  Shall we play Happy Families?  If you read this far you deserve a medal. Chocolate of course.Wistful

Fish vendor

Sunny side up

I am at home alone today. Except for Lulu, who is snoozing. It is a Pooh-blustery, sunny day and I am doing paperwork. Checking visa applications, filling in export / import forms and wondering whether this time next week I can go out to play. I can’t tolerate much more of completing inventories.

With departure date racing towards us I keep looking out of the window and wondering why we are leaving here.E4wintersun

Last night there was the second attempted break-in in 3 months. Not our house but in our little compound of 18 houses. Every silver lining has its clouds. The area seems increasingly to be a target for opportunistic theft. The police failed to do much last time. This morning they are shoving crime prevention leaflets through letter boxes as an after the event gesture.

Apart from the view I also have a painting that always cheers me up. I shall need to hang it prominently when we move.


I have to decide whether to insure it as a separate item for its journey to Britain. I don’t want to lose this.

I also finished reading Border Line this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed this and recommend it without reservation. You can read more about it at Green Writing Room, Hilary Custance Green’s excellent blog. I find it odd that publishers turn down something so eminently readable. I hope it does well. It is a very thought provoking tale, an emotional roller-coaster to use a rather cliched expression.  Self-publishing is not for the faint-hearted but this is a professional work in every respect.