Bird photographs from Long Valley

A short (?) interlude today from the ice and snow as I went out with Martin H to do some local birding. We planned to shoot at Nam Sang Wai but it was dull, grey and downright birdless. So we headed to Long Valley in search of Crested bunting for me and the rumoured Red-headed bunting for Martin.

LV seemed a better prospect and the good thing is that you can pick up everyday birds as you go like this Zitting cisticola. And yes that really is its name. Cisticola juncidis to the pros.



Hmmm, I think the first image has been over-warmed a tad in processing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

We started in fact with a rather obliging Plaintive cuckoo. Cacomantis merulinis.


Not so obligingly close was a Chestnut-eared bunting, Emberiza fucata.


We also saw a Bluethroat but it was into the light and the photo, sadly, is crapissimo. Yuk.


At lunchtime I retired to my car for a drink and a Mrs. Ha made sandwich whilst Martin went off to do some chores. Reconvene at 3pm was the plan. But 75 minutes later I had to phone him. “Get your **** over here….. the Red-headed bunting is showing.” I’m sure I put it more (or less) politely than that but this is a seriously good bird in Hong Kong.

So what was all the fuss about? This. Emberiza bruniceps.


I mean, never mind Rockhoppers and Chinstraps, how good is that? When I left it was still there and showing well. Doubtless the crowd controlling mutaween will be needed tomorrow. But the sharper amongst you will have realized that I didn’t see my Crested bunting. So its a replay tomorrow. Kick off 7.30am sharp. Feel free to join in the excitement.

11 thoughts on “Bird photographs from Long Valley

  1. Andrew, this is an excellent set of bird pics. You are improving on the backgrpounds. Of late. the photos are more of what you were shootiong for. (A pun?) Seriously ๐Ÿ™‚ The snotty- I mean snooty ๐Ÿ™‚ nosed resident ship photographer would need to work hard to rival these latest captures.

    • Yvonne, thank you as ever. Backgrounds are difficult. Some birds are found in habitat that makes a clean bg almost impossible. Long Valley is agricultural wetland. Rice fields, veggies growing, cress beds etc.Birds hop up and with patience a clean bg is achievable. But your comment is spot on. They look so much better when the bg is uncluttered.

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