Oh you fickle people…………!

So there it is. Proven beyond doubt. Antarctica sells. It must be the penguins. The first day I stop posting penguin pics and my readership plummets. Its never very high but the Southern Ocean clearly went down well. Hong Kong birds don’t do it for you. Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Its my blog and I’ll cry if I want to. And today’s cry is MORE HK birds.

Out at 7am and the light was kinder this morning but the birds alas were fewer. I ached from carrying the 800mm all day yesterday in 24C and I guessed it would be a morning only job. Still no Crested bunting but the red-headed was still about. Here it is again.


So too the Chestnut-eared bunting. I just could not get a head shot at the right angle but at least it was closer today.


There was also a brief encounter with a Citrine wagtail, Motacilla citreola, my favourite of the lot.


We  wandered off to look for White’s or Scaly  thrush, Zoothera dauma. The location was close by but very prone to disturbance by unwitting passers-by. We did not get decent close ups so this is a sort of rescue shot.


And in waiting for better shots I snapped an obliging Red-flanked bluetail, Tarsiger cyanurus. Sayonara cyanurus.


And finally, another repeat simply because I like the shot – Zitting cisticola 🙂


And that’s it for today. We wrapped up around 11am and I am due to put my feet up as soon as I have blogged for you. I hope you like the Long Valley birds as much as the penguins. They really are rather fine.

12 thoughts on “Oh you fickle people…………!

  1. I’m interested as to whether your hits register the email feed because as I just get it into my inbox I rarely go to the site. I love your HK birds especially White’s Thrush (Anthony McG saw one on Inishbofin about five years ago……the bastard as I wasn’t there)

    • I doubt if they do Craig. Very often I see the ‘likes’ go up but the visits count stays the same. To be honest I don’t get worked up about numbers it’s simply knowing what generates a reaction and that enough people visit to make it worth my while carrying on. It takes quite a lot of time. The ZD is a cracking bird, whether you call it White’s or Scaly. They are quite skittish and my fellow photographer got nothing this morning as he wanted frame fillers. Mine is probably half a frame. But I’m not greedy. After 2 months in the post Anthony’s book has at long last arrived!!

  2. Penguins must be similar to cast. Post a picture of a cat your readership will jump. Imagine what will happen if you have a picture of a cat and a penguin.

  3. To tell you the truth, as much as I like your penguins and Sooty Albatrosses, I enjoy the HK birds even more. Not to sound jaded and I would love to visit Antarctica and shoot the penguins too, I have seen many penguin photographs and not so many HK birds but for yours. So there you have it….more HK birds please. 🙂 All very nice and the Citrine Wagtail is my favorite also followed closely by the Zitting Cisticola.

    • Steve, I know exactly what you mean about penguins. It is almost impossible to think of a new way of taking them. It will be the same with the whales. A fluke is exciting for us as we were there. For others its just another tail shot. I’ll give some thought to how much or how little to post.

      HK birds are time and season dependent. It should be ok for the next few months although the spectre of work has loomed suddenly. What was it the old highwaymen used to say? The money or your life? What price freedom?

  4. well! I am not among the fickle. 🙂 If you posted one of a dang (English sparrow) I would still comment and view. The other people just are not about birds. Any kind of bird will do for me and I will your commentary precceding the bird photos, etc.

  5. Haha, laughing at your penguin comment. But there is something about them, and so striking against the snow. However as this post is not about penguins, I shall comment on the others. I love the plumage on the second shot and the thrush. You’re lucky it’s light at 7am, it’s after 8am here before it even gets anywhere near dawn.

    • RSITM, thank you. At 7am its a stretch for photography but ok if you crank up the ISO. The wagtail was timed at 7.44am. Not too bad. Soft light is fantastic for birds and doesn’t last long so an early start helps.

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