Street life

What a week its been. Four days of work including three late nights. My body is crying ‘uncle’. All good fun but then this morning I was beaten mercilessly by a woman and I paid good money for it. She called it Thai massage. I called it damned painful. And all that after a trip to the vet. It seems I am ok but poor Lulu has problems. She may have a spinal problem. Dr. Brad gave her a steroid injection as the tablets are not doing any good. She is barely 5 years old so we hope fervently she is not going to have any major problems. Mrs. Ha then disappeared off to her Korean class. I hit the town and the town hit me.

The four days of work left me no time for reading your blogs or writing my own. Abject apologies. We need the pocket money. I have to work again Monday. Tuesday we will be off to Lottie-land and the delights of Barcelona.

Here are today’s snapshots of life in Sai Kung.

Anything for the [FT] Weekend sir?Weekend What a magnificent moustache, sir.Brush moustache Its all too much.DozingInside the market (where did that colour come from?!)market North FaceNorth Face WatchingWatching WonderWoman? (Look at the boots!)WonderWoman

16 thoughts on “Street life

  1. Beaten by a woman. Now that is a new way of describing a massage.

    Wow again.these are excellent photos. Loved all of them but I find that no 3 and no 6 have the most interesting expressions. You keep getting better and better.

  2. Your photographs always draw me in, Andrew, but the lady asleep as she sits and waits, that one struck a strong chord! Day dreams aren’t just wishing we could be doing something else; sometimes day dreams are the glimpses of better day that flit through our minds when we’re tired, ill, growing older, etc., napping as we sit and wait.

  3. Really like “It’s all too much”, the fact that her eyes are closed and I am looking at her, has a voyeuristic feeling, I can see you but you can see me. Toned really nicely.

    • Thanks Ben. I’m never sure about taking this sort of shot – I would not post it on Flickr for example but for the ‘low audience’ blog I think it is ok.

  4. I was just going to make a remark along the lines of “they all remind me of me” when the last one scrolled up. Shut me mouth, it did. 🙂

  5. Hope LuLu’s ok Andrew, and hoping too that the steroid injection works it’s magic. nothing worse than seeing our four footed friends in pain. and feeling helpess. Hope you recover soon from the Thai massage, bet those muscles you never thought you had are screaming out eh? 😀
    Just been scrolling up and down the photos , a bit Like a Mars Bar promo, work, rest and play… and just feel if I stare long enough, Wonder Wooman will do her famous swirl and … but it didn;t happen. .. 🙂 xPenx

    • Well my guess is that you are feeling good this morning Pen with Man U winning and Arsenal losing 0-6. Lulu seems much better this morning. She tried a twirl but she still isn’t Wonder Dog.

      • Definitely smiling about Rooney’s wonder goal, Andrew but my reactions are mixed about Arsenals loss,Arsene’s a good manager and it wasn’t great for his 1000th game. Did you hear about the controversy with the ref sending off the wrong player? Totally ridiculous that he wouldn’t change his mind when faced with the truth, he just woouldn’t back down,. The sooner video backup refereeing is in place the better. erm… a long answer but… the games going to pot with little ‘gods’ as refs for there’s so much at stake for the clubs, moneywise. … xx

  6. Andrew, these are SUPERB. I don’t know which one is my favourite, I like them all. Some of the expressions are priceless. And as for those boots….
    Poor Lulu 😦 I hope it’s something that can be sorted, what a worry for you. Maybe she should have a Thai massage too?
    WOO HOO! Barcelona! How exciting! Happy travels to you and Mrs Ha and I’m looking forward to your reports back on the trip.

    • Thanks Lottie. Lulu is much better today ( so far). Yes, the boots caught me eye. Nothing else. It was about 26C and she was wearing boots. Bizarre. I have no idea what we will do in Barcelona but there seems enough to keep us occupied for a week.

  7. Ah, if only one can find good and affordable massages here in Brussels… I would love a good foot kneading! I keep going back to the ‘moustache’ piece – hadn’t notice the title before – as I like how each person is lined up and you can see a little more/less of each person.

    • I paid HK$210 for 45 minutes of pain. There is a place in Tai Koo Shing that is excellent – a bit more expensive but worth it. Too far to drive today. I thought my neck was going to be broken at one stage. I do feel better now though. Lots of hot oils. 🙂

      • Ah, sounds like the masseuse gave you quite some ‘beating’, but at least it was all worth it! I’m always impressed how much strength they have even though many of the therapists I’ve encountered have been quite petit.

  8. Oooh, lots more writing prompts here, Andrew! Great to get a glimpse of life on your streets. Looking forward to the Barcelona file. Have fun. Be sure to visit Casa Batllo. 🙂

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